Thursday, May 21, 2009

5 Months married....engaged a year ago...going to COLDPLAY!

SOOOO I've had off all this week, and have done nothing and everything. The only thing that stinks is that my husband has been working! BOOOOOOOOOOO. And maybe he's a little jealous that I've been doing nothing ;-) No honey I love you!

Yesterday (In case you noticed the counter that I just can't let go of!) we "celebrated" being married for 5 months! Awwwww. Now, it wasn't a "let's get a card chocolate and flowers" day, no it was more like, "Have a good day at work Bri!" "See you...Happy 5 months!" "No! You remembered before me!" "Ha ha, I finally got you!" He said with a coy smile. Darn you Miller! However, I got over my defeat and we went to dinner at Mexican, met up with our friends at the Bohemian Garden, then he dropped me off at Indigo where my friends were eating "All you can eat crabs" and I don't eat seafood, so I went for the AWESOME COMPANY! (Sandy Janina and others from school!) We had a great time. But wait, where was Brian going?! OH YES! HE WAS GOING TO PICK UP THE COLDPLAY TICKETS HE BOUGHT FROM SOMEONE IN THE CITY!!!

Below is a picture of the last time we went to a Coldplay concert:

Yes yes we got ENGAGED at the last coldplay concert! I posted in my blog A LONG time ago, please find the rest of the pictures if you haven't seen it, he was TRULY steller, romantic, and surprised me! ...Please notice in the picture all my rings. I used to wear lots of rings. Now I only wear my wedding band/ring. Hmmmm. Maybe I should find my opal, garnet and sapphire again...but Coldplay in Connecticut this weekend is going to rock out, I can't wait! Chris Martin, you're a genius.

Now it's story time. Two nights ago I had a really bad headache because I was tired. So I drank a glass of wine and relaxed and blogged and facebooked. Well, it went away thankfully, and I made yummy cheesy chicken quesadillas. And, beyond Brian's wildest dreams, I rented Bride Wars! He was so excited (Um yea no), but took one for the team and put it on. WELL, mysteriously, our remote for the dvd player has our STUDIO we couldn't get it to play. Poor Brian had to miss out on the movie while I watched it on the laptop and he had to suffer through the NBA playoffs. Poor guy. Anyway, he said, "Have a glass of wine and relax with the girly movie." So I did...and after the one before and quesadillas...heartburn. SHOOT. So I started guzzling water. Milk prob would've been better. Finally we go to sleep and I'm halfway there and "Hiccup". That's my hiccup by the way. Oh yes, they wouldn't stop! I start whining bc I just want to go to sleep...Bri starts googling ways to get rid of hiccups, I start guzzling pepto bismal for heartburn while hiccuping still, I drank about a gallon of water, stood on my head, ugh. Finally we gave up and fell asleep with the hiccupping...thankfully I woke up without them.

And that's the tale of the dreadful hiccups!
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