Friday, May 29, 2009

I think I'll go to Boston...

Anyone remember that song?! Yea, well, I really am going to Boston! Brian got Dave Matthews Band tickets at Fenway Park, so he and my childhood friend/neighbor Mark are going together, and I'm going along for the ride!!! I love DMB, but tickets are hard to come by, and Mark was nice enough to give us his tickets in April for Madison Square Garden, so it was only right for Brian to go with him now! It's so funny, my childhood playmate and husband are now really good friends...bonded by iPhones and Dave Matthews was love at first bump (If you have an iPhone, you'll know what I mean...if you don't, google it).

Just did a quick 2.6 run with my Annie dog. She is SO lazy! My parents only walk her, and she mirrors their lifestyle. Annie needs to get into shape again. I guess I'll have to try! She really does hold me back, unless there's another dog ahead, in which case she goes at normal speed. Quick background of Annie: My parents adopted her from New Orleans, she was clearly abused, and is by far the best dog ever. My parents can't survive without her, she's totally their 7th (Yes 7th) child!

Yesterday I did a 3 mile treadmill run. Went horribly. Especially when the chic next to me is my gym idol, so fierce on the treadmill, and I was feeling pretty down on myself (7 lbs more than I want to be, and a month of partial banning by Brian because of my VERY sore ankles and knee). I determined I would go, but made the mistake of carrots beforehand (I know what you're thinking, "So what?!"). Unfortunately, I immediately got heartburn, combined with having my gym idol next to me going 6.5 and already 4.5 miles under her belt, I just wanted to give up! Ugh, but I continued and made it three miles with a one minute recovery walk each mile. It felt good to finally break through, but I want to do MORE!

I start summer class this Tuesday, it's Tuesday and Thursday nights 5:15-10. UGH. Hopefully I'll have time the other days to RUN MY LITTLE BUTT OFF!

Have a great weekend! GET OUT THERE AND BE ACTIVE!!!
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