Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Swine flu, working out, and a glass of chardonney

SOOOOOOOOO! Last Thursday 270+ kids were absent from my school of 1400+ kids...and then 70 or so were sent home...AHHHHHH closed because of the swine flu! We have so many prego teachers, and so many low income families, they had to close. Thanks NYC! So I have to go back to work this Friday, which rolls into a 3 day weekend...sweet as long as I or prego teachers don't get sick! ;-)

I've been working out like WHOA for the past 3 days. Did eliptical Sunday and weights etc, 8 miles Monday, Eliptical and weights today, and hoping for another 8 miles tomorrow! I've been pretty sore though, my knee (Which I broke twice...once at 7mo's and once at 7 y/o), and ankles are hurting. ANY ADVICE ABOUT SORE ANKLES? My husband is banning me from running tomorrow, but we all know the itch will not die!

What have I been doing with my free time since last Thursday night, when I found out the news that I would get 5 days vacation paid? Well, I've been cooking, working out, cleaning, and having the occassional chard. Amazing. I really love wine. I'm in the mood for a vineyard. I wish CT had a vineyard area (That's where Bri and I are going this weekend for Memorial Day and a COLDPLAY CONCERT!)

That's all for now...I'll write more tomorrow...I'm making cheesy quesadillas tonight, a better alternative to the "typical" quesadillas! Keep running readers, you can do it! Another mile run is another mile behind you!

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