Monday, July 19, 2010

Lack of running = sadness.

But isn't this sign cute?! Bri and I went to the Hamptons this weekend to see my friend Lyss. It was fabulous. The day started out with going around town, getting coffee at "The Golden Pear" (Apparently celebs frequent this adorable little cafe) and a garden store. Hence the sign above! I really want to make one like this for myself...the $110 price tag kept me from making the purchase that day ;-) We went to the beautiful beach, and ended with delicious food at their house on the bay...and a sunburn!

Running Recap: On Thursday I went on a 5 mile run, and it felt great. It was barely 75 degrees and low humidity. Like WOOHOO I'm running in the 8 minute mile range and not feeling like I'm going to die from heat exhaustion! I keep going...and going...and then mile 3 my knee felt bad. Again. UGH. (Time was 50:13 with walking every mile and getting stuck at a few crosswalks, so I still was in 9:00+ish minute miles, a pleasant surprise despite soreness :-(

My knee is just not doing well, and I haven't run since Thursday. Four days. Yup. Like a caged animal. DOUBLE ugh. I was feeling so good in training, that this comes as a huge letdown. I've been swimming a bit, but mainly I've been icing and resting. I. Don't. Like. It. But I'm on husband's orders to rest and relax because if I'm going to do a marathon, I have to be 100% healthy. I may try it out tomorrow but I've definitely been keeping up with my swimming. I've never been injured minus soreness here and there, so this scares and depresses me.

In the words of my runner landlord:

"You run to run. If you end early one day because it hurts or you're tired, you get to run another day. Run till you're 90." - A Wise Greek Dentist who runs
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