Friday, July 23, 2010

Running with an old friend

I ran with an old friend today. Her name is Missy (Far Right). This is us the day before my wedding going to get spray tanned...when she gave me wrong directions and I ended up driving 15 minutes out of the way only to drive 15 minutes back and then 10 minutes further with the CORRECT directions ;-) No stress no stress. Missy has been my neighbor and friend, for well, forever, and she is a barrell of laughs. Her brother is my age so we were friends, and she is my sister Kate's age so they were friends (Kate is next to Missy above), but over the years we've all become friends! Missy has run a few half marathons and endless 10 and 5k's, she was my first running friend. So when I told her I wanted to partner up for a long run today, she said "Yes, but I'm slow." I'M ALWAYS THAT PERSON! She kept saying I could run ahead because she was running a bit slower, but hey, I didn't mind, it was my first run in a week! And what a day to run, I'll tell ya. 72 degrees, a bit humid, but overcast and no sun. I haven't sweat that little since March! We talked about family, school, work, life, it was fabulous. Running with friends is so satisfying, I forgot about my college years when I would catch up with friends like Joy, Katie, Ruth and Amanda. Thanks for the run Little Missy! 8 miles was never so much fun!!! ;-D

Today, running was FUN. Running was RELAXED. Running was RUNNING. I think that week off did some good attitude's not got to, it's get to. My knee is ok, a little sore, but I describe as an "annoying pain" rather than a "painful pain". My Marathon friend thinks it could be tendanitis, but we'll see.

On another note: I'll be changing my commenting options. Please look at the previous post and the comment left. It's some Asian blog, and they leave 2-3 comments on each of my posts, most likely links that lead to porn or Asian dating services (From the first one I did follow the links of). I report them every time and delete them, but how stinkin ANNOYING!? So, if you're not a follower, become one, because I'm going "Spam Commenting Free"! ;-)
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