Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rock me like a hurricane!

Well hello there. It has been busy since I last blogged, holy cannoli! I'll try to recap all the highlights, drama, and wonderful events that took place in a clever fashion ;-) By the way, anyone else in the mood to go pick apples?
Vacation was a mixed bag. While in Sandbridge (Virgina Beach), we had an earthquake, beautiful weather, bingo, and a hurricane evacuation!!! I *did* feel the earthquake, which was quite strange! I thought my dad was shaking my chair from behind, so when I began to yell at NO ONE SHAKING MY CHAIR, I realized something else was going on.
I ran EVERY DAY on vacation! I couldn't believe it; this never happens to me. On my cross training bike ride, I decided to do a brick and ran a mile in speedy fashion (for me), so that counted as running. I did PLENTY of relaxing, and realized I could train for marathons all year long...if I was on an eternal vacation with a gorgeous beach to relax on! I did cross training Monday, 3 miles Tuesday, 6 miles Wednesday with negative splits (Again, never happens to me, but I was outrunning a nasty smelling garbage truck, so I made do...), and a 3 mile run Thursday. All in all, great vacation.
We drove home Friday, Lambeau's 2nd birthday!!! Mr. Miller woke up at 3:45am and said, "I'm awake, let's just get on the road." Cool, just an 1hr 15 min before we were supposed to wake up...but hey, it was bringing me closer to napping in my own bed with my OWN PILLOW! (I forgot mine and will never. do. that. again. ever.) Thus, we began our Miller Hurricane Evacuation at 4am. We made it home to NYC in a record setting 7hrs 30min, and promptly entered chaos. Bread was flying off the shelves and they couldn't keep the water stocked. Cool. Mass panic because of Irene. We got a few essentials, and ended the night with celebrating my Lambeau Loo's 2nd birthday! And, double bonus, Packers preseason game...with a last second win! Woohoo! The weekend included a rainy brunch, watching movies, napping, magazines, books, going out with friends Saturday night (Shhh don't tell me mom! It was safe I promise!), and NO. RUNNING. Until Monday...
Enter PERFECT WEATHER. Holy cow. Where have you been all my life?! It was 60ish and barely there humid, sunny, felt crisp like a football Sunday! So, after Irene bid us farewell, I did a 1/2 marathon on Monday; I prefer to call it the "1st Annual Hurricane Irene Half Marathon", but hey, the medals didn't arrive in time. I ran from Queens into Manhattan, around Central Park and finished strong there. Wowzers. It was the best. Time FLEW by, I never really got bored, and my stomach was the best it has ever been with fueling. I could have kept going, which was SHOCKING to me. I had assumed that I would have difficulty mentally with this distance without hundreds of people cheering me on, but I did it without an issue. Makes the next couple of weekends (10 miles this weekend, followed by 15 miles then 16 miles!) seem less daunting, as they are never before run distances by this little girl. I'll write my next post on my fueling regimen that I'm trying to put together to prepare for the big 'ol marathon looming so close, yet so far away.

School begins next Tuesday, September 6. Eek! Time to be a teacher again.

More Miller High Life on its way. I have so many fabulous pictures from vacation, I'll post some more soon. I know you're waiting with bated breath.

67 days until the ING NYC Marathon!

...ladies and gentlemen, we have entered the 60's!!!
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