Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Going the extra mile

Welcome to Hot August runners, the month that separates the girls from the Amazons.

I can't wait to do that in THESE BEAUTIES!!! MY MARATHON SHOES!!! I couldn't wait until I got home from the Post Office to open them, I ripped them open in my car. The fact that they are orange makes them even more fitting: The ING NYC Marathon is orange and gray themed, and World Vision is orange themed! Yippee! I love color coordination!

Yesterday's mid week long(ish) run (Which will turn into "Seriously, 9 miles on a Tuesday?!" run in the coming months...) almost didn't get completed appropriately. Background: The husband and I had gone to see Cool Hand Luke Monday night at Bryant Park and didn't get home until 11:30. SO LATE for me. We meandered around and finally calmed down for bed around 12am (NOT ME.) Alas, my goal this summer was to be "more fun" because I'm a McLame-o during the school year. Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled story. So I'm sleep walking/tying my running shoes at 6am Tuesday morning, and my OCD kicks in and says, "Check your schedule to make sure you're only doing 4 miles today." Uh oh. Automatic red flag that my brain memorized the training schedule and knows it's not 4 miles. I look, and to my dismay, it's 5 miles. I should have woken up 15 minutes earlier! (Tuesday is a CUT THROAT parking day at summer school!) So, I ventured out and tried my best to be quick. But I couldn't. I couldn't get it together. I didn't think about the fact that I had only gotten roughly 6 out of my normal 7-8 hours of sleep, and I tripped and almost fell again at the park...THAT woke me up. I got home at 7:10, and WHIRLWIND BOOM BANG I was out the door at 7:35 showered, carrying my bowl of oatmeal with banana and peanut butter, my coffee mug (Because a traveler mug is just not happening when I'm rushing), an ice pack on my knee and make up in my bag. I got a parking space eventually at school, but if anyone knows what alternate side in Queens is like, well, you can sense the stress of running late on one of those days.

Just writing that stressed me out all over again.

Training update: I did a good 8 mile last Saturday, and I have 10 on my plate this Saturday. Long runs are going pretty well actually, but then again, it's only 8 miles! I'll talk to you when it's 15 miles, which is more than I've ever run before! (My longest is 14 miles).

Summer school ends tomorrow, YEA! 3 weeks of relaxing, including a vacation to Virginia Beach! I'm checking out running groups to see if there's any with a Sunday long run (I have to do 12 miles on VACATION! Bring on some good eating THAT day!!!).

Eating Healthy: GOING STRONG! I've had numerous eating out occasions (Including one tonight that I'm SOOOOOO excited for! Date night with Mr. Miller!), but I have been steadfast and healthy. If Mr. Miller orders fries, I eat one or two. That's it. I don't need 12. It should be highlighted that if I could eat french fries everyday for the rest of my life, I would. Sigh. A moment on the lips forever on the hips.

Run strong this month!!! Get up early!!! Drink fluids like whoa!!!

94 days* until the ING NYC Marathon!!!

*It should be noted that I miscalculated my 100 days. I realized it two days later. Silly school teacher me. Subtracting is not my strong point. I'll just stick to checking the countdown on!
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