Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Worst Case Scenario

5pm. Tuesday. 5 Miles on the training plan. Tired. Exhausted. Unmotivated.

Worst Case Scenario.

Let's back up to Sunday.

I was visiting my parents in CT with Mr. Miller and Lambeau puppy. I had gotten SO MUCH REST, a great 10 miler, my dad's 60th birthday celebration, yahoo! It was fun. However, I have a bad habit/calling card: I always leave SOMETHING behind. The things I've left behind include: wallet, keys, phone charger, books, papers, etc. Yup. I'm a bit Type A in some respects, but TOTALLY not in many others. So, guess what I left this time? Think hard.

My. Entire. Bag.

Yup. My lovely Vera Bradley duffle bag with all things essential:
- Running Shoes
- Garmin
- Garmin Charger
- Vitamins
- Make-up
- Favorite clothes

So. Worst Case Scenario style.

Which leads up to the return of my NC Blue Nikes that served me well for my 13.1 NYC Half Marathon in April. I wore them yesterday for an easy 3 miles...on the treadmill. Now I don't mind old tready, but you couldn't pay me enough to run 3 miles yesterday. Part of the problem was that I was forced to do an afternoon run because I was waiting for the cable guy FOR-E-VER.

Worst Case Scenario, a slow 3 miles completed. Reward: Starbucks iced coffee.

Enter today: I had an extra day to work for summer school today, and since we saw my FAVORITE MOVIE Airplane in Bryant Park last night, I was, you know, tired. I snoozed. Again. And again. Ok, afternoon run it is. In the NC Blue's. Ugh. I got home and was starving, and I knew a Hammer gel wouldn't cut it. I ate lunch, and resorted to a nap. A nice 2 hour nap. And I couldn't get moving after that. Messy house, 5 miles on the training plan, and I couldn't move from my bed with a snuggley puppy. Finally, FINALLY, I got moving. I dedicated 1 hour to house cleaning, and then one hour to the gym (Still now Garmin...)

Now Enter torrential downpour. Yup. I was 2/10 mile from the gym and WOOOSH rain like Noah's flood DRENCHED me. I was sopping. I considered turning around. Ugh. Haven't missed a training run in 5 weeks minus my stomach bug. Ok. 5 miles it is.

If Destiny's Child hadn't been playing, I would not have made it through. Survivor. Say My Name. Run 5 miles.

And then, at long last, I hit my mark. 5 miles. I couldn't clean off the tready fast enough. I walked home feeling proud that I fought through, but still tired.

Ever have one of those weeks? Where it's worst case scenario over and over again? Maybe the return of my Limey Nikes will change my scenario. They should arrive via mail tomorrow.

Thanks mom and dad for always sending my calling card back to me :-D

88 days until the ING NYC Marathon. Oh billy.
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