Monday, August 15, 2011

Ugly weather = Ugly Outfit

Could I BE clashing anymore?! Haha, that was said in a Chandler voice from Friends. Yup. It's time to do some laundry, and since I only had a 3 mile run on the training schedule this morning, I took out some bright colors that didn't really work together. If you've seen my racing wear or any pictures of me running, My standard black shorts/carpis/leggings go with EVERYTHING. By separating shoes and shirts with the solid black, the clashing isn't as harsh if I, say, wore a pink tank and my Nike Limies...

Enter the Nike Mandarins. These are even BRIGHTER than the Nike Limies! I'm going to be clashing every Monday from here on in. These are my marathon finishers and I need to break them in, so my easy annual 3 mile Monday is perfect for that. You know what else was perfect? This weekend.

I survived the party weekend. Wow it was fun! Pictures will come out eventually...including one bordered with the words "Homies for Life". THAT'S the kind of weekend it was!!! Switching my rest day to Saturday was a SMART decision; the Friday night wedding did me in!!! Watching the Packers game was great, and since they lost, I'll remind everyone: It's preseason. The white party was fun, Myssi always puts on a fantastic party! You know what wasn't perfect? Sunday's weather.

How gross was it on Sunday?! NON-STOP RAIN! I tried to get Lambeau puppy to use the bathroom, and it was difficult, because Lambeau puppy does NOT enjoy the rain (He literally drags me to the door and looks pathetic to garner sympathy). I ended up at the gym to cross train. I did the bike for 10 minutes, rotated doing pull ups, dips, back crunches and ab arm thrusts....then I hit the arc. The arc is CRAZY! It makes me nauseous. But I survived 24 minutes, the longest ever. I felt good leaving the gym. You know what really worked on the rainy day? Being lazy for the remainder of the day!

Good food and Mad Men Season 1. I was wallowing in a gloomy day rut with thinking of what to cook for lunch and dinner. I finally made some great decisions: Juevos Rancheros for "brunch" and Buffalo Chicken wraps for dinner. Yum. All low calorie and delicioso! Mad Men is really a good show, love the old New York City feel, especially on a gloomy rainy day. Despite a great day, you know what I kept thinking?

I hope it doesn't rain like this for the marathon. I'll probably cry uncontrollably if that is the case. I'd take snow over rain any day. I have to start praying MORE!!!

82 days until the ING NYC Marathon!!!

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