Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weird weather weekend

This picture was taken a week ago in Astoria from my balcony. I FINALLY caught the lightening after many attempts failed. This is what Connecticut has looked like since yesterday afternoon, there goes sitting by the pool for the weekend!!!

It has been a weird weather weekend. I got here on Thursday to sun and humidity. I decided to try to do my 10 miler on Friday because Mr. Miller wouldn't arrive until Friday night. I had a tight schedule Friday morning, so I dutifully set my alarm for 5:00am. Well, beep beep beep.


Can't run like that. Yes it's the suburbs, but I don't have pepper spray (Gotta get on that) and a lengthy run means I would be weaker to fight off an it weird I think this way?! Plus I get dizzy in the dark.

Reset to 5:20am. Beep beep beep.


Now we've reached the point of cutting it too close between finishing my run and making my morning appointment. Epic fail. The sun rose at 5:50am that day, I feel like that's wicked late.

Saturday morning redo:

6:00am: Beep beep beep.

The sun had risen. Good to go.

Great 10 mile run. I did a 5 mile out and back. I tried to avoid hills on my return, which I did...except for one HUGE hill I forgot about. As I climbed it during mile 6, it made complete sense why the ING Hartford Marathon team I had semi-run with for a mile or so (Sidewalks are meant to be shared!) turned off right before the hill. It was a killer. Mile 7 was super rough (I believe the hill from mile 6 was almost 1/2 a mile long...), but miles 8-10 were domination/adrenaline/wanting pumpkin pancakes with my fresh picked blueberries.

Things I noticed during the run: Britney Spears Pandora is now my BFF. It's incredible. Every time Survivor comes on by Destiny's Child, watch out pavement. I'm doing better with keeping my pace. Stopping at a Walgreens to refill my water worked out well and took less than 60 seconds since no one is at Walgreens at 8am. A few times I went a little too fast (The aforementioned GREATEST HITS EVER pumping me up!!!) so I need to find a balance. I'm going to try doing intervals twice a week and incorporating hills into my regular runs. I read a really good article on Runners World about intervals, so I'm giving it a whirl.

Weigh in: Didn't happen this week. I came to CT on Thursday, so I weighed in Thursday morning and was exactly the same. Maybe if i weighed in on Friday it would have been different, but I had eaten out the night before, so I'm sure it made a difference. It's a new week and I'm still committed. I feel great and love feeling lighter...despite eating a bakery chocolate chip cookie and some cannoli cake for DAD'S 60th BIRTHDAY!!! I'll work hard this week and see what happens. Still, 6.5lbs down in 4 weeks is excellent.

90 days until the ING NYC
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