Monday, May 7, 2012

Glad Game Monday XII

Gosh, is it Monday already?!  That's right, it's time to list some things to be glad about on the day we DRAG through! You know I love a good countdown, and today was our LAST school faculty conference of the YEAR! We have to stay late for a faculty meeting once a month, and this was IT! Now all my Mondays are free! How many Mondays?! So glad you asked! 

I'm glad that the end of the school year is in sight! A good friend counts it down every Monday, so I'm fully updated weekly. Zwill, you rock my socks off:  6 Monday 8 Tuesday 8 Wednesday 7 Thursday 7 Friday 3 are half days

I'm glad I had an AWESOME weekend! It started out with a fabulous Cuatro de Mayo work outing. (No photos, lo siento). It continued with a SUPER fabulous Cinco de Mayo almuerzo con mi amigas! (Brunch with my ladies!) 

I'm glad it was Derby weekend! Mr. Miller and I continued with Mint Julips and and Derby viewing. Unfortunately, my horse didn't win...I chose based on name. Oh Sabercat, your Laser Cat cousins couldn't help bring you a victory! However, it was a BEAUTIFUL night including a cheese and wine tasting, taco truck, and a movie.

I'm glad Mr. Miller is good at finding fun things to do. After a busy Sunday morning/early afternoon, Mr. Miller remembered a cool event going on close by. Questlove was dj'ing a set focusing on the 80's! This was a must see set. We were literally five feet from him. I even danced a bit, at 4pm on a Sunday! Hey, we've got to live a little sometimes.

I'm glad I got to see James Franco do a book discussion! Surprisingly, this was next on the agenda after Questlove! Literally in my backyard. Queens REPRESENT! I was glad to see Mr. Franco because I've long respected his academic work, as well as his acting career. (Not sure if Wikepedia is right about him skating by...) He discussed currently being a professor, and how his artist parents refused to pay for art school. Interesting. 

I'm excited that Mr. Miller has a really cool opportunity! Mr. Miller has been accepted with a group of people to be part of a new Shaun T. workout program! He's going to experience personal training (Within a small group) with the creator of Hip Hop Abs and Insanity workouts. Hello. Personal train ME. I'm excited that he has the chance to do something FOR HIM. I run. He does so occasionally. This is going to be a great chance to increase his fitness and teach ME some stuff! I'll keep you updated!

What are YOU glad about? It seems like it was a big race weekend, did you PR? DR? Get a new running outfit? Say yes to froyo? Did your NBA, MLB, or NHL team win?! Tell me about it!!!
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