Monday, May 14, 2012

Glad Game Monday XIII

Yes! It's a rainy Monday! YIPPEE! It was also one of the CRAZIEST days at work for me; my department has a ridiculous testing schedule that is unmatched by no other (2,100 documents to handle...) by five people. Yup. MAYHEM. So, let's take some time on the not so favorite day of the week, and CHOOSE to be GLAD about great things!!!

I'm glad this weekend was BEAUTIFUL! We got to go enjoy our park on Saturday and Sunday! Lambeau Puppy was particularly happy in his shaded spot beneath our beach chairs!!! 

I'm glad for blue skies. Last week, NYC was DISMAL. Clouds, rain, cold. BLECH! As a friend said, "When did I move to Seattle?!" Sunday? Beautiful puffy clouds and SUN! Vitamin D, take advantage of me!
I'm glad the Rangers continued their playoff domination! Mr. Miller has found a new love for the Rangers, which ALMOST rivals his love for the Packers. Go #NYR! Speaking of Mr. Miller, he worked out with Shaun T. today and it was rough...can't wait to learn from his study group experiences! Is there a bring your wife to workOUT day?!
I'm glad I cooked this weekend. Since Mr. Miller is doing this workout study group, he is on a specific diet (Completely foreign to him, totally normal to me!). So, I'm cooking for ONE! This weekend entailed some amazing culinary experiments! First up: Eggplant Wheels! (I added: Fresh chopped garlic, olive oil oregano, and basil!):
I'm glad I made my favorite salad. Panera sells me favorite salad; the Strawberry Poppy Seed Salad.  it's healthy AND delicious. Here is the recipe I made:

1 Cup of shredded chicken (From a rotisserie chicken)
2 tablespoons of chopped walnuts
5-6 strawberries sliced
2 tablespoons of fresh goat cheese
Poppyseed dressing or fresh balsamic dressing

Update on school countdown: ‎5 Monday 7 Tuesday 7 Wednesday 6 Thursday and 6 Friday .... 3 of these are half days... Possibly 3 pd days. YEASIES!

I'm glad I'm in the ING NYC marathon!!! I'm back to running, despite warm weather. 3 miles at 5am Friday, 4 miles Saturday AM, 5 Miles Saturday midday, and 4 miles today. Booya. 16 miles in 4 days after being a dismal runner. I'll take it. Was I slow? Oh yea. Was I happy? Oh yea. Did I envision the marathon? ABSOLUTELY!

So, there, I'm GLAD! It was a yummy, fulfilling, run-filled week!

What are YOU glad about?! Did you get your favorite cream cheese this weekend? Did you find a four leaf clover? Are you IN LOVE with that puppy in the window? (Forewarning: I'll advocate for buying ANY puppy in ANY window) If so, TELL ME ABOUT IT!!!

173 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!
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