Friday, May 25, 2012

Finally tried a running group!

Yes, it's true. I took the plunge and joined Erica Sara's fun run last night! I got into Manhattan EARLY so I ran 2.5 miles in Central Park. It was fabulous. Eerily quiet, foggy, misty and humid with a nice breeze. I'm truly being converted into a rain runner

It was finally time for me to fulfill a multi year New Years Resolution: Join a group run! I made Leticia PROMISE to go, it's always nice to know SOMEONE in a new group! Although the forecast stated a 20% chance of rain, that 20% chance ALL of the precipitation fell on Manhattan! The second we set out it was POURING! So, here we are semi dry:

We were all SPARKLY SOUL winners! They were co-hosting the event and since only the HARDCORE runners showed (I kid I kid), there were enough bands to give away! I'm so excited to be rocking my silver band today. Gold for the first marathon, silver for the second. Haven't heard of Sparkly Soul and their AMAZING headbands?! Well, the Today Show has; check out their debut on the summer must have's!

I made a new Queens friend! This is B, who is such a great runner! I'm so glad we got to hang out; she's a college professor, and yet our students act so similar! Who would've thought?!

Training update. Well, it's going. Last week I was back to my running A-game, and this week I've been feeling SUPER drained. I ran 4 rainy miles Tuesday and 4.6 rainy miles Thursday. Fail. It's the time of year at work where everything drags, everything is tiring, and everything is on a deadline. Did I mention no air conditioning?! Yea. Humidity and no air conditioning is the WORST! I pray it's fixed by Tuesday. So I'm hoping for 8 miles tomorrow morning and a nice 5 miles on Sunday. 

I'm SO excited for the long weekend!!! No Friday clubs, no Saturday School, FREE until Tuesday morning! I could get used to this! I'm excited for the little things we have planned each day. I'm especially excited for a Central Park day Sunday with our Cancun Crew. 

I am thankful for all who have served and will serve our country. This weekend reminds me so much of my Grampy, who passed last November. I always made sure to call him on Memorial Day or go visit him if I was in town. Last Memorial Day my Saturday students made him the most beautiful cards to say thank you. I'm grateful that he knew a later generation appreciated his sacrifices.

A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT AND GOOD LUCK ON YOUR FIRST MARATHON TO MEGAN! I'm so proud of this girl. She's killed it in training, taken on a whole lot of other responsibilities in between, and has killer splits. Meg, you're going to be a marathon warrior!!! This is me cheering: YOU GOT THIS GIRL!

What are your holiday weekend plans?! Long runs? BBQ's? Gardening? Dining al fresco? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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