Monday, May 28, 2012

Glad Game Monday XV

I'm sure we can all be glad about one thing today: A DAY OFF FROM WORK! Well, most of us. I used to work in retail, and I always worked the morning shift on holidays. So, whether you had the day off, gorgeous weather or nothing to write home about, let's get glad with it!

I'm glad that I can remember my grandfather, a brave soldier in WWII. My grandfather rarely spoke about his time as a soldier, but when he did, it was gripping. He befriended Buster, my Grammy's brother. After Buster was killed in battle, my Grampy made sure to visit the family. Well, Bea was a cute little thing and the rest is history. The McAuliffes were married a week after Grammy finished high school and were together for over 60 years. I'm glad that he showed me the importance of sacrifice, hard work, dedication, and steadfastness. 
 I'm glad that my group of friends are AWESOME. All caps. We had a fabulous friend day bbq-ing, laughing, playing games and tossing water balloons. Yup. Throwback Sunday. The men were especially awesome.
 I'm glad that we can still have fun. Growing up doesn't mean you can't have fun. It means you get to have more fun without your parents telling you to quiet down! I love this guy.
 I'm glad we live in NYC. I've said it once, and I'll say it a million times, my love affair with this city will never end. It was "bring your wife to work out day" (not really) with Mr. Miller's test group for a new "Insanity" type video...Oh my gosh I was completely WORKED! It was so hard! I made sure to focus on my form and breathing, because seriously, homegirl was going to lose her gel and banana with those mountain climbers and burpees! 

So, what are you GLAD about? Did you get to eat strawberry shortcake this weekend? Did you see a long lost friend in your home town? Did you use your smarts and wear sunscreen?! TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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