Thursday, May 3, 2012

Teacher Runner: How to run home from work

I am a teacher. I teach in a NYC Public Schools. I teach ESL. Holy hard. Satisfying. Difficult. Rewarding. Passion.

Sometimes, I do a run-mute. Also known as a Run Commute. I work about 4 miles away from my school, or 4.5 if I take the long way. So, about once a week, I run home. This picture is circa sometime one year ago January/February:

I have to pack everything. I bring all this stuff and do a complete outfit change. My work wife, who also lives six blocks from me, brings all my work things home. If you're running home from work and need to pack, essentials include:

-Running shoes
- SOCKS (Highly overlooked!)
- Appropriate female undergarment
- Running clothes
- Water supply
- Weather defense: Sunglasses, hat, gloves, etc

Tuesday, my run-mute was different. Normally I get out of work at 4:45. I usually start running around 5pm (Outfit change, Garmin finding satellite etc). However, Tuesday was a different story: 4:52pm I was running. I felt good, rested post allergy hiatus, and ready to run. I ran into 8 different students. Every single one, despite sunglasses, running shorts and a running tshirt (TOTAL work outfit change) recognized me. I got 8 "Hi Mrs. Miller!"'s. I responded with "Have a great day!" or "Make good choices!" or "So nice to see you!" I was happy. The students were completely excited to see me outside of school (even though some of them were in my class 10 minutes beforehand...). It was the single most satisfying run to date. This run showed 8 kids, out of the 1,800 in my school, that I care about health, that I care about running, that taking care of your body is what people do. I loved it.

I hope I had this affect: 

 I hope I created runners. I hope I created an idea in their mind that maybe, just maybe, they should try to see how far they can run. How long they can run. How fast they can run. 

Teaching has been tough. We've had state standardized tests this past month, and in my particular field, May is the most hectic month. I am so thankful to have a job. I am so thankful for my students. They inspire ME. Their comments such as, "Mrs. Miller, you're beautiful." or "Mrs. Miller, I love you and Lambeau." (yup, that's true!) make me smile and remind that I have students whose world, and world view, I am shaping.

Teaching is rewarding! Despite popular belief:

There is a LOT of work involved. More bureaucratic than what actually pertains to children learning, but there is work nonetheless. Countless hours reading, planning, creating, brainstorming, beating up oneself, stressing, and doing it all over again. 

I am a teacher runner. I teach every day. I teach after school. I teach summer school. I run for health. I run for sanity. I run for strength. I run to inspire.

What are you running for? Is it for you? Your kids? A charity? TELL ME ABOUT IT!!!
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