Monday, June 4, 2012

Glad Game Monday XI

HELLO! Greetings at the start of a new week! Can you believe it is JUNE?! June 4?! Oh, since you asked, 17 days of school left, 3 are Professional development days with NO students, two are half days, so really, 12 more full school days. The end is near. I can almost taste it. I'm glad about that and a bunch of other cool Connecticut stuff, so let's choose to be glad on a day that is normally BLAH! (Especially with this awkward NYC cold/humid/raining/sunny/rainingsunny/weird weather! 

I'm glad I got to meet an awesome Chicago blogger Friday night! We met up in front of the New York Public Library (Sex in the City II anyone?!), and I had a fabulous time meeting cool Chicago people. Fun fact: She is a teacher, and saw a student who had graduated 6 years ago. Gotta love NYC! Come back soon, Meghan! 

I'm glad that the love of my life turned 2!!! Little Baby E2 turned the big, well, 2! I love her. Those blue eyes, that blond hair, gets this aunty every time!

I'm glad my friend got MARRIED this weekend!!! Congrats to Mrs. Lavespere! I've known her since she was born (I was 2, and totally with it).

I'm glad I got to see old friends. This is the bride's sister, Ms. Mullen, who I've known since BIRTH. She was 2 months when I was born. Totally with it. Do you see that mischievous look in our eyes?...

I'm glad there were props for mischief. Yes, there was gardening to be done. In dresses. At a wedding. Our mothers were eye rolling. Some things never change....

 I'm glad the weather held out! It was a beautiful evening, I wish I had taken more pictures of the vintage style and tent...more pictures later this week. I said "I hope you're putting this on Pinterest!" The bride replied, "I got all my ideas from Pinterest! Hence, my first Pinterest wedding. Isn't Mr. Miller backyard ADORABLE!?

I'm glad for UNIQUE guest books! Our photo was taken on some sort of Fuji Polaroid type film, and then we placed it in the guest book and wrote our congratulatory message. SUCH a unique idea! We literally look like we're in frames. So funny.

I'm glad I conquered a 5 mile tempo run Sunday. Connecticut has its perks, including ice bathing in a not yet warm pool! I averaged a 9:49 pace, which for me is speedy. This Saturday is the NYRR Women's Mini10k, and I have a feeling my first time friend who I am coaching, Ms. Kiernan, is going to want to go FAST. Today my hamstring is tweaked (Maybe the insanity workout I did Saturday???) So I'm resting. I rest today to run tomorrow. 

I'm glad I saw a DOUBLE RAINBOW! As we got back to our place last night, this was a BEAUTIFUL sight to behold...and I didn't even see that it was a double rainbow until I Instagram'ed the darn thing! I love rainbows. God's promise to never flood the earth again.

152 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!
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