Monday, June 25, 2012

Glad Game Monday XIV

Wait, Mrs. Miller, you're not out of school yet?! No! Today was, however, my last MONDAY. Ugh. I can't wait to be done! The end of the year usually flies by with a million things left to do, but this year has dragged. on. endlessly! So, it's time to be glad that it's Monday, glad that the thunderstorms have come and gone, glad for so many good things despite the annoying distractions along the way! 

I'm glad that the last day of school is Wednesday. Good. Glad we got that out of the way.

I'm glad that the Target Dollar Section exists. Seriously, look at this glasses! Also, aren't my nieces the most gorgeous girls EVER!?

I'm glad we spent the weekend in CONNECTICUT! Sun kissed, baby kisses, well fed, running, sigh. It was magical.

I'm glad I ran 10 miles! I was thinking of running 10 miles since I had run an awesome 8 miles last weekend, but alas, I had forgotten my electrolyte pills AND my gel. If you know me, I don't deviate from my fueling plan at. all. ever. My stomach doesn't like it and, well, like most runners I can be a bit of a mental case! Unfortunately mommy made lasagna for dinner Saturday night, along with some AWESOME Italian bread from the local bakery...and, well, carb load = long run! I ran 5 miles to Walgreens and snagged what I deemed the best fuel I could find:

I'm glad that my 10 mile run went SPLENDIDLY. I did get a bit nauseous after eating this bar, but overall it did the job. I ran 10 miles at a 10:17 pace, which included a hill that is a full 1/2 mile long (I clocked it), which caused said nausea and made me walk a few times to breath deep. Overall it was an incredible run. I credit this run to A) lower temps (It was at the most 70), B) no crosswalks (Sunday traffic is QUIET in CT!) and C) my #UXF class making me push so hard I want to throw up, then keep going. As usual, 10 miles is my favorite distance. 

I'm glad that my parents have a pool! Sunday was my first run with pool recovery. Ah-MAHZING.

I'm glad I had the best countdown to jump into the pool from 13! They're the best backwards counters I know:

I'm glad I have sisters. It may get a bit crazy with all the girls running around, but boy do we have fun. I loved spending time with two of my sisters, including Mrs. Waite who abandoned me on the East Coast for some place called, what was it, California? Anyway, all four sisters will be together this weekend. Mayhem will ensue. Get ready CT, get ready. #CTforlife

What are you glad about this stormy Monday? Did you survive a weekend of BBQs? Shop till you drop? Enjoy a nice quiet run that went perfectly?! TELL ME ABOUT IT!

131 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!! 

...131 is kind of my lucky was my store number in a retail store and my id number in a restaurant...just saying!
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