Monday, June 11, 2012

Glad Game Monday XII

Glad? Today? I don't feel like it. The past couple of days have had STUPID things happening. In about 24 hours I was frustrated by a ton of little things collapsing together to put me in a mood. Ever felt like that? Here are a few examples:

My car got hit by an MTA (Public) bus. It was stupid, totally the bus driver's fault, but now we have to battle with the city to get the damage taken care of without making our insurance go up etc. We also had 3 EXTREMELY close calls with idiot drivers after this incident. Including getting out and yelling at one to get off her phone.

Then I got into a scuffle with a chair. Clearly the chair won. And I almost fainted. In front of fifth graders. Can you believe only ONE student out of 28 asked me if I was ok?!

Alright, enough Debbie Downer (Insert sound effect). Time to GET glad. It may be Monday, I may have a dented bumper, there may be a toe nail hanging on for dear life because I can't stand to even look at it, but hey, let's try to be glad about some good stuff!

I'm glad I'm seeing my E babies in less than two weeks. They moved to California. "Come back from California...all  us here in Astoria are starved for your attention..." (Lyrics by Copeland. Astoria reference by ME!)

I'm glad Mr. Miller suggested and perfectly executed a three mile run yesterday. He's doing great toward his health and fitness goals. I love my Boyz in the hood! Matching sweats! 

I'm glad that summer is close. They're coming. They're COMING!

I'm glad I decided to slave over spaghetti squash. It may be a labor of love, but it is healthy and delicious. I put ground turkey sauteed in tomato sauce and a teensy bit of sprinkled mozz cheese. YUM. Added bonus: I have enough for at least three more meals!
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