Saturday, July 28, 2012

10 mile long run...WITH MY HUSBAND?!

Yes, you read that right. Mr. Miller decided to join me for a long run! Now, the story goes like this.

Mr.: Hey, what are you running this weekend?
Mrs.: 10 miles. Over the bridge and 6 miles with Leticia in Central Park.
Mr: Maybe I'll run over the bridge with you.
Mrs. (Excitedly): OKAY!

5:45am alarm goes off. I half thought he would roll over and say "Go without me." Even though I shotgunned out ready to throw on my running clothes, get my fuel belt bottles out of the freezer, gel and endurolyted, READY. Mr. Miller took a BIT longer to get it together, so that's why I gave him an extra 10 minute window that he didn't know about! ;-)

We were going at a decent pace for me when Mr. Miller said, "This is a slow pace." Welcome to my running world, husband! It's not a sprint thing, it's a distance thing, and I was TIRED from tons of  speed and hills this week. Thankfully coach said she'll take it easy on me next week. Phew. 

Here we are running over the Queensboro Bridge! We saw The Dark Night Rises last night. So sad to see our bridge damaged in the movie; so glad to see it was fine today! 

We joined Leticia and a couple of new friends. At first it was supposed to be "Hi, this is my husband. Bye husband!" And off with Leticia & Co. for 6 more miles. Uh uh. Mr. Miller was READY for more! He said, "I think I'll join you and see how I feel." Needless to say, he schooled us in running. His cardio capacity is INSANE due to high interval plyometric workouts for the past 10 weeks. He's still going strong his first week out of the program. SO proud of him here:

This run was amazing. We ran 10.18 with a 10:15 pace. This is VERY good for me, and easy for him. We said farewell to our running friends (No!) and I headed to walk the park with a friend trying to better her fitness. I didn't want to finish this run; I was tired, dead legs, hot, humid, everything. The people around me PUSHED me. Thank you fellow runners! Love the Sweat You're With...and love the sweaty ones you're with!!!

Last, a vote: Which is cuter? A Lambo or a Lambeau? #Seenwhilerunning

98 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!
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