Saturday, July 7, 2012

Marathon Training in the Heat

I knew my Saturday 9 mile long run was going to be HOT HOT HOT (Insert brass section...). However, when Bart Yasso calls you tough in a public forum, you better be darn certain that the run will be happening.

Thankfully, my friend ditched her date with the treadmill to brave the heat with me. We agreed to a tough course: Run from Astoria, over the Queensboro Bridge (We own you, bridge), then up the East River Path because it was flat. Well, on the Queensboro Bridge (Remember, I own it?) I got SO nauseous from the heat/direct sunlight that we changed our plans to run in shady Central Park...aka Hill Country. 

Central Park went ok, but it was still over 80 degrees at 7am. Suddenly, after a LONG hill on the East side (You know what hill I'm talking about), I heard the sound of water. Running water. Hopefully COLD running water! Yes. There was a fountain in a children's playground that we took FULL advantage of:
 I've never been so relieved:

So, my mantra is "respect the heat". Running in the heat can been tough. I didn't make my goal pace on the run today, and that's okay. The heat can truly effect you in strange ways, so here are some of my personal suggestions for a successful hot hot hot run! 

- Start as EARLY as possible, even Bart Yasso approves. My Epicurious friend said this was the earliest she had done a training run, good for you S!
- Slow down just a bit, your body is already working harder to run in the heat.
- Try to run in the shade.
- Wear sunblock and chapstick (I forgot both), your skin can really dry out.
- Drink plenty of water (DUH).
- Supplement with something more than water. If you can do gatorade, cool. Other options for those of us with sensitive tummies include Nuun and Hammer Endurolytes. These are two things I've had success with.

Need more tips to #beattheheat? as an entire section on Running in the Heat, which is basically like a runner's handbook on Marathon Training in the summer!

Finally, the best way to finish a hot hot hot run? An iced coffee. Mmmm. And maybe I found a sprinkler and stood in front of it for 5 minutes straight. Thanks Central Park for watering your grass.

How do you beat the heat? Does your fuel plan change? How does it effect your pace? Do you have a pool to enjoy afterwards? (If you do I'm INCREDIBLY jealous) TELL ME ABOUT IT!

119 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!
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