Friday, July 6, 2012

July 4th in NYC

Happy July 6th! It's FRIDAY! WOOHOO! Big plans for the weekend? Does anyone else feel like me, that July 4th was a weekend all crammed into one day?! Well, it was an awesome day which I will simply tell through photos and quick captions. We've been celebrating with our good friends, The Grays, for three years now, and this tradition continues to be fantastic. I decided to list in reverse order, from the end of the night to the beginning of the day! Obviously the fireworks are the best part! Enjoy!

Macy's Fireworks: We were on a rooftop right on the Hudson River.

We went upstairs to be with Lambeau Puppy during the finale; he gets a bit nervous being all alone with the loud explosions!

Annual Fireworks photo; Mr. Gray took some fab photos with his fancy schmancy camera, so hopefully those will be making an appearance soon!

The crew minus Mrs. Anders. She had to work. Mr. Anders tried replacing her...he's crazy.

I made a fruit pie because I read this awesome blog post! Note to self: Let it cool...if you had people desperate for the treat right when it was finished, CAREFULLY carry the pizza so it doesn't slide and ruin your design! Ooops... 

We had perfect weather! I love this man.

These girls made the day so fun!

The boys entertained themselves by throwing pop it's. Don't worry, no one was injured during the boy's play time.

Lambeau Puppy was a model traveler and guest! He loves going places; unfortunately, the Gray's cats were hiding from this little guy. (He was also disinfected after his commute...blech)

How did YOU celebrate Independence Day?! Did you BBQ? Did you beach it? Did you run or race? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

120 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!
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