Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When Everything Goes Wrong on your Run

Do you ever feel that way? Like everything is fighting against you to keep you from running? Well, today was that day for me. We're in week three of ING NYC Marathon training and this morning was an*EASY* 3 miles. 3 miles?! Please child, I'll run those blind folded with soda as fuel. Pride comes before the fall. 

My attitude wasn't in it.
My body wasn't in it.
My WATCH wasn't in it (GPS mysteriously shut off, then took Manhattan time to find signal).
My stomach wasn't in it. 
My gear wasn't in it.
The heat index was NOT in it.

I was in it. After staring at my building longingly, taking 5 minutes to figure out how to turn the GPS on, then waiting another 2 minutes for it to find satellite, I gave up and ran my usual 3 mile route. I ran about a 1/2 a mile before things clicked.

My attitude was in it.
My body was in it.
My watch *+* GPS was in it.
My stomach was in it.
My gear sustained the run.
The heat index stayed the same.

What changed? My mindset. I thought of friends who have been injured, friends who didn't make it into the NYC Marathon. I thought about my experience in the NYC Marathon, and how I loved every moment of it. I thought about how during my maiden voyage of 26.2, I reflected (In Brooklyn, because you're there FOR-EV-ER), I reminisced that every. single. training. run. brought me to the starting line. 

So what if a 3 mile run took a total of 45 minutes because of a wackadoo watch and a groggy runner? So what if I wanted to wear my other shorts but couldn't find them? So what if it was humid and hot at 6:30am? So what if my stomach won't settle down for 30 minutes of pounding the pavement? I ran 2.58 with a 10:46 average; the other .40 will remain unknown. So what?

And now, since we should all by inspired, here is a word from Pinterest:

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Oh my goodness, that's ME!? Yes, my awesome friend made that pin for me. Repin if you feel so obliged. If you would like to follow me on Pinterest, feel free to do so here I pin about running, puppies, teaching, and NYC.

Feeling likes things are going wrong in a different way? There was a great article in the Runners World email blast today about mental blocks in training. Check it out, I enjoyed the article.

Have you ever had a time when things kept going wrong running wise?! Did you get scared by a raccoon? Thunderstorm get in your way? Chaffing got you down? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

109 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!
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