Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Food Section: Runners eat your avocados!

People Magazine, I loved your reads this week! As I was reading this week's riveting edition of People Magazine, I somehow move past the shock and awe of the demise of the Cruise/Holmes marriage and the compellingly amazing piece on Norah Ephron  to find a great food section addition. Now, I love avocados, but anyone who is counting calories KNOWS that it's a HIGH CALORIE food! Plus, it's HIGH IN FAT! OH MY! However, there are many benefits to eating avocados. We actually needs fat in our lives, albeit good ones, and avocados has all the good stuff! 

Runners, eat your avocados! I found this article when I googled if runners should partake, and they made the top 10 of everyday eats! Let's just say, if Runners World says it, I believe it @Bartyasso. Avocados also have some good nutrients to help you in training according to this article. I found all this information out just because I read a silly People Magazine food section, and I'm glad I did. Here are four fun ways you can get your avocado intake:

From People July 9, 2012 issue:

Mmmm, bacon. But I think I'll stick to turkey bacon:
 Bacon Guacamole recipe continued PLUS a dressing recipe! 
 BETTER THAN MAYO! I have a mayo phobia...this is doable!
 The jury is still out on this ice pop recipe. I may try it!

My personal favorite came from a cool health and fitness blog. As I mentioned, I can't stand mayo, and I love egg salad. I found THIS great recipe and loved it!!! 

Do YOU eat avocados? What recipes do you use? Do you look up nutrients in your food? Will you make guac pops?! TELL ME ABOUT IT!

118 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!
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