Saturday, March 9, 2013

A balanced diet while training

I love food, let's be clear about that. I love to cook food, I love trying new food, and I certainly love the benefits of distance running and the amount of food it requires. However, I'm not in marathon training, I'm in HALF marathon training. My body missed that memo after the Philly Marathon. During my running hiatus in December, I kept eating like I was still marathon training. Oh, and a Christmas cookie with my coffee every morning also happened. Then the holiday parties. Anniversary celebration. Christmas. New Years. 

I prefer: never! :-) For great jokes about losing weight and diet humor visit

In January I noticed my pants were DEFINITELY tighter. Well, it didn't matter, because I was beginning a training cycle for a half marathon! SCORE! Nope. Those extra pounds have clung to me with all their might. Last week I was fed up. My sentiments were very similar to Jen's. The number on the scale was far from my "happy number", which is a reasonable number considering my height etc. 

Daddy said, "Ill start my diet next week. but first i gotta finish off that last tub of ice cream in there".  No joke.

I received a bit of encouragement from my friend Kim. Everyone is more than willing to tell me, "You look great!" or "You exercise all the time, you're fine." Kim helped me realize the difference for me is that I know I am not at my best and know I need to make some changes. The danger is when those changes are ignored and turn into bigger gains, an even larger challenge to overcome. 

no #diet - eat healthy

So, I went back to the basics. My plan includes: 

1. Logging all my food on My Fitness Pal
2. Keep up with my regular exercise routines 
3. Eat clean (duh)
4. Make smart choices when I eat out. 

This week, it wasn't easy. Changing your habits is never easy. The fuel demands of a half marathon are certainly less than a full marathon, and I finally got back to measuring portions, not having seconds (or thirds...), and the oreos remained in the container untouched all. week. long. 


This week, I finally saw success. I saw the scale move, and I was so proud. I'm not insisting I have to be "skinny"; I simply want to be comfortable. I'm finally on the road back to being comfortable with how I look and feel.

Here's to a successful long run tomorrow, and another successful week!

How about you? Do you have a happy weight? Do you scoff at diets? Did you bask in the glorious sun this weekend? Tell me about it!
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