Thursday, March 7, 2013

Leli's Bakery in Astoria = fabulous

I highly value customer service. As a former customer service employee (I worked retail for five years and served tables for four years, ZERO complaints!), I rank customer service as the number one reason I will return to an establishment. If the food is great but service is only so-so at a restaurant, I'm not likely to want to return. If I am ignored in a clothing store, chances are I'll think twice before going back.

Tonight I had a fabulous experience at a new(ish) local bakery in Astoria, Leli's. For information and the cool background on this bakery, check out this article. So, what was so great about this Leli's Bakery?!

Leli's offers a wide variety of delectable eats, including stuffed breads, soups, and tons of baked goods!
 I want it all.

 Adorable seasonal themed cookies. YUMMY. 

I really wanted their almond biscotti. It's half the size of a normal biscotti, very soft and flavorful. Unfortunately, they were out. The employees bent over backwards to help me find a cookie I'd like, had me sample different kinds, and ended up giving me that jelly cookie in addition to the almond macaroons I finally decided on.
 Truth be told: That jelly cookie rocked my world, dare I say, better than the macaroons?!

 The decor is retro chic. All the tables and chairs are mismatched set, giving it a country bakery theme.

By the end of our quick drop in, we were smitten with Leli's. As we were preparing to leave, an employee came up and said, "We usually throw this bread away, would you like to take it home?" Um. I am three days into a diet. UGH. YES?! Then he realized we were two couples, and came back with a SECOND bag of free bread! SEVEN LOAVES OF AMAZING (DAILY BAKED)  BREAD!
 Give me bread and I will love you forever and ever.

 What's not to love about this sign? Again, decor was adorable.

We gave some of the bread away to neighbors, but still ended up with way more than we needed. I decided to slice it up and freeze it. We will have bread to last us quite a while if it holds up in the freezer.
Ciabatta bread and whole wheat raisin walnut bread. The smell alone is incredible.

So, there you have it. If you're ever in Astoria, check out this bakery!

How about you? Do you have a favorite local spot? Do you highly value customer service? Which restaurant/bakery do you always recommend?  TELL ME ABOUT IT!

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