Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's race month! It's vacation month! March is here!

Yes, this week was filled with many exciting developments. The realization that there are only four months left in the school year was one of them. Four. Months. I can make it! I booked a vacation with a friend to Puerto Rico. Can't. WAIT! I have been all sorts of giddy about it...and hitting the gym. I joined Mr. Miller's gym with a month free promo, so we'll be sweating together a bit more often for March. Sigh. Here we come bathing suit! It is also RACE MONTH! Three weeks until the big 13.1 NYC. Three weeks until:

Will it be a sub 2, or will it be a bust? Either way, I'm getting on a plane the next day!!!

On Saturday I was invited by Kristine to attend a Pilates ProWorks class. Well, THAT happened! I was so scared because I had to run 10 miles on Sunday, and I know my core is not as strong as it can be. What's there to be scared about, right?

 These words beckon you in with strange machines inside...
This looks like a torture chamber...

Overall, it was a CHALLENGING fun experience! I've taken barre classes, but never barre fused with TRX. I've also taken Pilates classes, but never used the reformer (They have their own version, it's fancier you see). The instructors were awesome, encouraging, and very attentive. I admittedly did alternate moves for some of the workout due to a semi sensitive hamstring and the fear of my 10 miler being pain filled the next day. This was an intense workout that used creative moves and always kept me on my toes....literally. 

Thanks Kristine for a great event! Thanks Jen for the picture!

I woke up EARLY this morning for a long run. 6:20am is early, right? (My summer long run wake up is usually 5am.) It's the only day I can really "sleep in" past 7:30am since I work Saturdays. However, 10 miles had to happen. I didn't know where to run, so I opted for Long Island City

Long Island City is so friendly, every few yards there a sign that says "LIC Welcomes You". So polite!

When I got to the bottom of the Pulaski Bridge, I was stumped. I though it was at least 4 miles from my apartment, but it was only 3. So, I decided to (GASP!) venture into Brooklyn and make up the last two miles and turn back. Unknown route, unknown neighborhood, a recipe for disaster! However, it was the exact opposite! I loved running around Greenpoint, especially as I followed the signs toward the Williamsburg Bridge. The bridge is a bit further than 5 miles, so I turned back just short of it. 

So pretty, even from afar!

I was running into the wind the whole time. I can't do math in my head when I run (Or ever really. I need a piece of paper and a pen.), so I couldn't figure out what I was averaging. My goal was 9:15-9:30, but the stupid wind kept making put forth a huge effort to stay in the low 9's. When I turned back, I was excited to see if the wind would help push me along a bit...NOPE. It was blowing in my direction AGAIN!? This run was tough but I'm glad I gutted through it.

This was me right before I figured out the harsh wind reality.

Overall, The run was what it was supposed to be. 10 miles at a 9:15 average. Best mile was 8:58 (Ran that in both mile 7 and mile 10). Not too shabby. I have to average a 9:09 to get a 1:59:59 half marathon, so I hope race day I'll have an extra pep to make it happen.

Last random thought: I am so thankful for the NYC/Twitter running community! Tons of people at the class yesterday had run double digit runs and were toughing it out in a difficult class! Also, after I ran today I felt slightly sad that my average was 9:15, I was hoping for a confidence boosting 9:05 etc. After I posted, there were several extremely encouraging tweets and messages. So glad to be able to connect with amazing inspiring people!!!

How about you? Have you made any meaningful friendships with Twitter? Are you taking a trip this winter? Did you run long/race? Have you suffered through wind confusion?! TELL ME ABOUT IT!

20 days until the 13.1 NYC Sub 2 or Bust Bonanza!
21 days until traveling to P.R. with a PR!
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