Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm running my goal race tomorrow....

....and all the fear/paranoia/excitement/fun/anxiety/anticipation that comes with it. Sheesh. I woke up at 5am this morning COMPLETELY wide awake, mind whirring about with thoughts about tomorrow. I have had more well wishes this week than ever before between family, friends, students, social media friends; everyone. I saw this today and I felt that this

 Thank you to everyone who has seen greatness in me. It's truly humbling. Also terrifying!

I EXCEEDED MY GOAL FOR WORLD VISION! On Tuesday I had raised $150. By today, I exceeded my goal of $500 by raising $645!!! So grateful for the GENEROUS support of AMAZING people who have helped provide CLEAN DRINKING WATER to those in NEED! I decided to dress up my team jersey by attaching some student good luck wishes; they're truly the sweetest 4th graders around!

So, want to see the "terrifying" plan? My sister Coach Jen made it up for me. Here she is:

These are times I've consistently maintained, or bettered, in long runs. I am EXCITED that Ashley will be running with me! After her STELLAR performance in Sunday's NYC Half (CONGRATS AGAIN!), I'm so excited that she's joining me with her positive energy and PR luck ;-) I will be writing "1-3 9:20 4-6 9:15" etc on my hand with sharpie. I guess I'll see how permanent it REALLY is...and if it will tatoo into a tan in Puerto Rico!!!

My personal plan: Turn on the tunes at the start. I've noticed that I've really been into zoning out to my music in a fast way, and this race is not a crowded spectating bonanza like a big NYRR race. There are definitely supporters, and some of my students may come! However, they changed the course so there is a lot more "rural" time around a big lake (4-5 miles instead of 2-2.5 miles), so I'm anticipating getting real cozy with my playlist a la Mr. Miller. Its running time is 2:01. So there's that. Here it is:

I am ready. I've done what I need to do. As Michelle so bravely and eloquently put it,

And what is the worst that could happen?  That I fail?  I have failed at SO many things I’ve set out to do in my life…so what’s one more?  Failing makes me stronger.  Failing no longer scares me.
All I can do on Saturday is race with my heart and my head – my body will follow. 

So, Heart and head, get ready. My body is ready to follow. Sub 2 or bust!!!

How about you? Have you gone public with a goal race? Do you always enjoy racing for fun? Are you doing anything great this weekend? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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