Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Falling gracefully

It doesn't exist. Let me tell you, I've done it. I fell at the beginning of my first marathon training cycle and thought all was lost...thankfully there was just some road rash on my arm. I fell the Monday after the canceled NYC Marathon...I suffered a fractured pinky and some scrapes. My marathon shirt got ripped...thankfully my mom is old school and sewed it back together again. 

Monday. It always seems to be a Monday. I was stressed from work, tired, and wanted to get an easy 3 miles run. I had no music, no phone, just me and the run. I was almost 2 miles in when I saw a plastic circular thing, similar to what wraps around shipping boxes but seems to have no use: 

See those straps? They have no real use. Also, this is not my photo, and the only one on Google that had these stupid things in it. 

So, I thought I cleared it. Nope. My front toe got caught just as my back foot kicked off, trapping my feet and sending me flying. This is a reenactment:

I was dressed for success that day. Via.

I did a quick check and I was okay. Just a REALLY scraped up knee, elbow, and hands. One person asked if I was okay, I said yes as I started running off...partially in shock, partially because I was still half a mile from home and needed to get there somehow. I made it safely, and thankfully my nurse/neighbor patched me up.

So, here I am, injured. No pedicures this week like I planned, and 10 miles on the agenda for Friday. I'm fairly sore and it's pretty nasty. I may try to run today, but the "scabbing" is really stiff and uncomfortable. Scroll down if you want to see day 1 and day 2 of the injury, day 3 (today) is much uglier so I'll spare you. 

How about you? Do you fall often? Do you think I'm the clumsiest runner alive? Do you know a good tuck and roll teacher? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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