Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer fitness in NYC

I am SO excited for summer! It's no secret that I love summer; from swimming, early morning sweat sessions, beach trips and sunbathing to movies in the park and frozen yogurt. This week I signed up for TWO fitness events, and the best part: they're free AND outside! I got to thinking, what other fun sweat sessions are out there in this great city?

We are lovers of summer. Summer activities are the best!

I found a few great sites that offer some fantastic fitness opportunities!

- Well and Good NYC is a great fitness site for NYCers! They have an AWESOME summer fitness guide, Check it out! (Many of the events on the summer fitness guide are included on my list, but I felt like they deserved their own mention because I really enjoy them! Good job Well and Good NYC!)

- Bryant Park has free Yoga! Although the schedule isn't out yet, Athleta puts on a great series of events. It's really fun to do yoga in the  middle of Manhattan, there's an ironic sense of peace while taxis beep and you put on your best warrior pose with 200+ of your closest fitness friends!

Tall buildings have nothing on these Yogis! Via

- Hudson River Park events. Although Well and Good NYC lists many of their events, this organization deserves its own mention. There is a HUGE variety of events, including yoga, cardio fitness, salsa classes and children's events!

- Al Goldstein 5k Series in Prospect Park. This is a fantastic LOW COST fun race series that you can participate in as much as you'd like! I got to join one last year and it was a blast; lots of runner friends and a nice park to run in. Prospect Park is a bit of a hike, so I'm going to try driving this summer to see if it's a quicker commute.

You can meet up with cool people and run around a pretty park!

- FREE public pools! Yes! NYC has free outdoor pools, WITH LAP SWIMMING HOURS! They during the last week of June and remain open until Labor Day. I love getting to my pool early in the morning, the community is amazing; people who don't see each other for 3 seasons out of the year are suddenly friends again!

Happy swimmer and happy runner. Swimming is AMAZING cross training!

- SUMMER STREETS! Gah I love this! Mr. Miller and I had the BEST time running 14 miles (Yes, his furthest distance yet...and he has no desire to get back to that!) on Summer Streets! It's definitely a nice change of pace from the regular Central Park or East Side/West Side run. There was loads of people watching and other activities to check out as well. Click on the link above to see all the fun things we did there while enjoying 14 Queens-Manhattan-Brooklyn Miles!

You get to run/bike/skate where only cars (usually) go!

- Citi Bike!? Okay, who is thinking/talking about this? In case you missed the mass memo to all of NYC, Citi Bike is a new bike share system. With stations all around NYC, you can rent a bike for different increments of time and not worry about the inconveniences of storing it at home or out and about. I'm interested for evening strolls on these bad boys, but I'm not sure the price tag is worth it for me. There are absolutely none in Queens, let alone Astoria....haterrrrs.

Check out their map for pick ups and drop offs that meet your needs! Via

Edited to add: 
Nike Training Club at NikeTown! Every Monday night, starting at 6:30, check out the FREE class on the rooftop of their flagship store in midtown! 

I love Nike Training Club!

How about you? Do you have any great fitness events to share? Are you going to be a Citi Bike user? Do you participate in community fitness activities? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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