Monday, May 20, 2013

Glad Game Monday XXVI

Oh hello there, Monday. After a DREARY weekend filled with half marathons, naps and People Magazine, dragging myself to work today was somewhat difficult to say the least. I felt like I wanted another day to recoup! I didn't have enough oatmeal to make breakfast, I was sleepy, and altogether allergy ridden! There were a few highlights of the day, so I will choose to rise above the Monday blahs and get excited about the good things in life.

I'm glad that there are 26 school days left. YES!

I'm glad we're getting a GRILL today! So stoked. This is going to revolutionize my summer cooking plans. There will be grilled EVERYTHING in my home!

I'm glad there will be a cupcake centered activity Saturday morning! I'm SO excited to join Abby's Cupcake Run! If you are in NYC on Saturday morning, head over to Central Park for a fabulous event to benefit Team Challenge. Check out more info here

This will be me after 5 miles on Saturday morning.

I'm glad my jumping picture "somewhat" turned out! I was nearing the end of my run and noticed a photog, why not try for a fun picture?! It's a little up close and personal, but you get the idea. I got some good air too.

Almost done!!!

I'm glad it's marathon week for my friend Steph! Go over and send her some well wishes for this weekend's Vermont City Marathon! Do Astoria proud, girl!

I'm glad "North America" started on Discovery Channel. I was ENTHRALLED by this! From a Mustang turf war to the miraculous laying of eggs by sea turtles, this show was truly incredible. Although there were several "Kristin, this is the circle of life. See, other animals die so other animals can live." From Mr. Miller...yea. I couldn't handle when the gray whale baby didn't make it. So sad. The animal kingdom is fascinating but cutthroat. 

Don't worry, this baby mountain goat made it through some pretty treacherous perils. If it hadn't, I would not have continued watching! Via

How about you? Are you glad that you glad that this baby mountain goat made it? Glad that you survived a rough training/racing weekend? Glad that Stephanie is going to do well in her marathon :-D? Tell me about it! 

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Unknown said...

Aw, love you friend!!! Eat some cupcakes for me! :)