Sunday, February 3, 2013

#NoGymJanuary: Nike Training Club, VIP Style

Since this whole month was dedicated to avoiding the gym, I figured I'd go out with a bang. No really. BETH figured "Hey, I'll invite my friend Kristin to the COOLEST EVENT...". This past Thursday night, which happened to be the LAST day in January, I was invited to a Nike Training Club event at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Little did I know what was in store! I rushed from work, where I ended the day with, "Mrs. Miller, do fairies really exist?!" and rushed to the subway. I was expected at the Nike Running store by 5:30, but due to some train issues, I ended up arriving at 5:36...panting from running from the a private bus. This bus was for, oh, 25+ people...there were 12 of us. And just like that, we were off to Brooklyn, VIP style!

We arrived and I thought "Ahhh, finally, the Barclays Center!" Little did I know what we had in store. #LetsTurnItUp was the theme...if only we knew!

We were led to the VIP Locker room, AKA the Brooklyn Nets visiting team's locker room. Say whaaat? We entered the locker room and discovered it had been converted and personalized:

Not only was our name in the locker (Come on, that's pretty rad; cool points Nike, cool points) we had some AMAZING gear waiting for us! Two tanks, a compression sports bra, running tights, yet to be released shoes AND a Nike Fuel Band all customized and sized! ?!?!?!?! Literally a fabulous "Wow" moment.
I fit in the lockers....they probably barely fit the NBA jerseys placed in them,..
Lebron was there the night before!

We left our VIP locker room and headed to the Brooklyn Nets Court. This was amazing. Stepping on the court, taking pictures, doing what we wanted...basically my husband was DROOLING! Nike outdid itself by making the Barclays Center all accessible.

I couldn't resist the K...and the YET TO BE RELEASED SHOES!

This was all put on by Nike Training Club. I have been a BIG advocate for their app, as I mentioned when I was preparing for a polka dot bikini last winter. If you haven't downloaded it, do so. It has a variety workouts for different target areas, time, intensity, etc. If you have a smart phone, computer or iPad, GET. THIS. It is great cross training and a lot of it requires ZERO equipment! 

Lacey Stone hit the stage and it was ON. She told us we were going to learn a series of moves and then do them in sets...or so I thought. I think I heard "sets" but it was really "repeat them". So I gave it, oh, 75% the first time. Lots of squats, some push-ups, some coordinated moves....aka I was sweaty. When the second set rolled around, she said, "Okay, 15 minutes left! LET'S. TURN. IT. UP.!" UHHHHH...I thought there were more than two sets?! During the second set I went off the deep end. Literally, I went CRAZY. Squats? I did them as fast as possible. Back lunges? I went through the pain. Push ups? I did 23 after doing 25 the first set. I TURNED IT UP. I was expecting a much long workout, so the news of only 15 minutes left lit a fire under my feet! There may or may not have been some dancing my moves....the music was great!

When we finished the workout, fireworks exploded! Literally! 

Photo taken from Twitter via @miller_brian....I don't have the link

Awesome group of ladies to #letsturnitup and #makeitcount with!

We got to play basketball on the court!

I did NOT make this in...I was so sad. I used to be so good at basketball!

I had a GREAT night with Kristine, Jenny, and all this thanks to Beth!!!

A special thank you to @NikeNYC for providing us with amazing gear, an challenging workout, and an overall incredible experience!

Overall, No gym January was a huge success. I tried out a lot of new things that I will continue to use, and pushed myself to workout despite weather or energy level. Proof? A fabulous February run with a pace I could only dream of. Looks like running through challenging elements DOES make you better!!! 69.6 miles run in January, all of them below my usual pace. Here's to a great February! 

How about you? Do you feel like your January went well? Are you hugging the treadmill during these cold temps? Do you wear shorts in regardless of the weather? Do you think I'm crazy for doing so? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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