Monday, August 5, 2013

Getting the fun in BEFORE toe surgery ;-(

Tomorrow I'll be getting a minor, repeat MINOR toe procedure. 

This is the last you'll see of anything medical. I'm grossed out just looking at this. GAH! Via

I have had ingrown toe nails for the past three years. This is a hereditary situation, not one caused by running. As a proud NON-black toenail runner who maintains all 10 beautiful toenails, I was bound to have some sort of jinx! The first time I had an ingrown toenail I was thirteen. I had a pretty painful procedure done on both big toes and it seemed to solve the problem. Well, for the past three years, my left toe nail has crept over again and again, resulting in three minor procedures. My doctor finally said enough is enough, we need to solve it permanently. So tomorrow I go under anesthesia for the first time in my life to make my toe well. With ten days of being out of water (Stitches yippee!), and possibly two-five days of not being able to work out, I had to get as much fun in as possible to make up for my upcoming "recovery" days!

Of course I got my toes gussied up for the procedure...what are the odds that the pedicure stays in tact?

Here's what I've been doing to let the good times roll:

We got in a good 'ol game of capture the flag! +Nike NYC  put on another awesome event! Rain or shine, we worked it out while playing on my favorite childhood games. One of the changes in rules was that the more Nike Fuel points you earn, the more "weapons" you unlock...oh did I mention there were water weapons involved? Like super soakers, water balloons, water guns, and it was POURING RAIN!? Yea, just the way we like it! I was on the "fuel team", which meant I had to move as much as possible to get points to get us more water weapons. I did jumping jacks, high knees, squats, you name it, I did it. Our team didn't win, but we had a great time! 
 Thank you Nike for this fabulous gear and an awesome event! 

My goal each day is 3,000 fuel points. Beat that by 7,000. You've got to #MakeItCount!

I got back to the beach with some of my favorite people! Baby Adelaide was a stellar companion, along with mom Joan, Mr. Miller, and a huge iced coffee.
Contrary to popular belief, that coffee was for me. Starbucks employers may want to consider spelling tests in their job interview process.

We checked out the Breaking Bad exhibit at the Museum of Moving Image! It was quite small, but it packed a lot of great material from the show. They don't allow photography of this exhibit, but if you're sneaky...
If you know what blue ice, a one eyed stuffed bear, and a book inscription that says "To W.W." means, you know you have to visit this museum!

We ran on the first Saturday of Summer Streets! We got a LATE start due to all our fun leading up to the weekend, so we only got to go in for about an hour. The Voice Tunnel was already closed (BUMMER), but we had a good time. We ran back to Queens for a total of 7 miles, another personal best since the Brooklyn Half Marathon!

Want to know more about Summer Streets? Check out this post! 

Mr. Miller and I started T-25 today! Although I'll be out of commission for a few days, I was excited to join his former test group for a reunion workout in Madison Square Park! It's a 25 minute workout, come on, everyone has 25 minutes! You don't stop moving, and I love it. Check out the website and sneak a peak at Mr. Miller's before and after pictures towards the bottom!

 Tania is one fit mama!

Mr. Miller was part of this crew on his road to a fitter healthier life...I'm so proud to say he's kept it up and is doing great!

Tonight, I'll be hitting up NTC for a "last chance workout". I want to get a good two-a-day in before this surgery! Tuesdays are normally my rest day, so why not tire myself out?!

Note: I am grateful that this procedure is quick, easy, and fixable with minimal recovery. I think of my friends and family going through more serious medical issues and I'm thankful that this will be taken care of!!! Check out one of those friends, Steph, coming off a stress fracture! So excited to get some miles in once we're BOTH healthy!

How about you? Have you ever gone under anesthesia? What are your favorite two-a-day workouts? Have you had any fun lately? Are you squeamish with all things medical? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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