Thursday, August 8, 2013

My injury is like being post-marathon

We often remember the finish line, and then things go a little blurry. I know that after the finish my legs are tired, but I feel good because of the runner's high, the accomplishment, and the new medal. What no one thinks about at the finish line is "Tomorrow this is going to HURT!" I've taken the day off after both of my marathons. My first marathon did not equate to the soreness I felt in my second marathon, which left me hobbling for a few days versus just sore. With my toe holding me up for a few days, I've been thinking of the correlation between my post-op range of motion and post-marathon soreness. (NOTE: I had minor surgery and I'm bored and thinking too much.)

It's all downhill from here...and not in a good stretch of a running route kind of way.

After toe surgery/marathon, the stairs are your enemy. The awkward hobble, the fear of losing your balance, and the fact that I live in a 3rd floor walk up, present quite the challenge for me.

Have to use a cane? Why not decorate! Repping for my Green Bay Packers!

After toe surgery/marathon, clearly no food is off limits. Heck, I just had toe surgery/ran a marathon, I want all the yummy food!

Bacon Mac and Cheese? Why not.

After toe surgery/marathon, you sort of want to work out, but things aren't working right just yet. After all that food, I should try burning some calories to balance things out...wait, the calories I burned in my three workouts the day before toe surgery/running a marathon don't extend for a whole week!? SHOOT.

I didn't work out. I watched my awesome dad paint our apartment. In love with our light blueberry and nickel gray colors.

After toe surgery/marathon, people are constantly asking you how you're feeling. Usually there's a smile involved, assurance that you'll survive, and then you hobble along.

Football is coming...WHERE is that gold Sparkly Soul Band?!...I lost it. Will I ever run again!? ;-) End drama.

How about you? Have you ever recovered from surgery? Does your mind think random things when on the couch and bored? Who is your favorite football team (College or NFL)? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

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