Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Running the US Open

The US Open has hit NYC! Tennis royalty have descended on Queens to square off on the blue courts. To celebrate this, Nike put on another amazing event. Mr. Miller and I got the chance to play on a ping pong team and check out the latest Nike Tennis line. 

Here are a few highlights:

 I fully love this picture of myself. It's rare that you see a photo of yourself and think "wow!" I own the fact that I did this here. Thank you Nike for the gear and locale to make this picture possible! 
We got to meet and greet with some tennis stars! Juan Martin del Potro was the NICEST guy! Victoria Arazenka did a great Q&A, solidifying herself as our new favorite female athlete!

The new line of tennis gear is HOT! I loved it, even though I don't play tennis!

Thank you, Nike, for a fun event! 

This week, I decided to run to the US Open. Last year our match got rained out (For the second year in a row), so I had to exchange my tickets. Since it's  close to my school, my running partner and I went after a long (dusty) day of setting up! The US Open is located by Flushing Meadow Corona Park, where my yearly half marathon is held. It was fun to run there (Untimed!) and check out the sights while running an errand!

 Shameless photo with my new Nike tennis shorts. I love them! Love Tennis.

 Running partner picture! The US Open employees were SO helpful with anything and everything, including taking seven photos with different zooms and angles. 

There was great scenery! I've never seen the Fountain of the Planets with the water spouts going!!! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!

Looks like I should be getting out my tennis racket! However, the $190 membership fee for PUBLIC courts has deterred me as an amateur/casual user. I have to find some free courts soon! 

How about you? Do you run errands by running? Do you play another sport for fun? Are you a US Open fan? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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