Friday, September 12, 2014

Henry: Three Months

Lesson learned: Enjoy every moment! There are so many developmental things happening so fast! One day we would catch a fleeting smile, and suddenly he smiles 24/7! It's truly amazing in three months how this guy has grown.Here are some highlights:

Hi, I'm three months old! 
This was taken on 9/11/14, I chose his shirt on a day when NYC is remembered. Amazing how on a day of solemn remembrance, a little one can innocently brighten it.

  • Henry is smiling nonstop! He wakes up in the morning smiling, despite being hungry. I don't have that much self control! He's the best.
  • Henry has a dairy allergy/sensitivity. Although there is no test for this, his stool culture showed blood in the stool. After a week of no dairy for me, there was no blood in the new culture. Verdict: no dairy for mom! Wahhhh. But anything for my baby.
  • He is on a new reflux med. He distracted doctors by being a happy baby and gaining weight, but I persisted with evaluations concerning his spitting up nonstop (Oh the laundry....burp cloths on burp cloths on burp cloths!). We finally got an ENT consult and hope this new medicine will calm his reflux. Again, despite pain, he's a happy go lucky babe.
  • He is in his crib! We had him in the rock and play because of the reflux (upright sleeping helped tremendously), but now he's moving a ton and seems to be too constricted in the rock and play.
  • He loves to bicycle kick! Get this kid to a spin class STAT! 
  • We vacationed at Annapolis and Virginia Beach! Unfortunately it was raining 3 out of 6 days, but fortunately this guy roles with the punches!
  • He's a great jogging stroller baby! We go everywhere together, whether walking or running!
  • Henry weighs in at 13lbs 7oz, I'm getting a great arm workout!!!
Just in case he seems perfect...this post was written one handed! We had a whining/cranky fest on the night when Mr. Miller is at a Mets game! I currently have a sleeping Henry in my left arm. It served to remind me that he is so good even when tired. We are so thankful for a healthy baby boy who continues to exude joy.

Happy Three Months Little Lion Man!
Some fantastic outtakes!

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