Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Postpartum Workouts: 15 Weeks

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It's almost been 16 week?! Not sure why, but even weeks seem like more of a milestone than odd weeks. Week 15 was filled with family and traveling, packing, unpacking, laundry laundry laundry, repacking, then unpacking AGAIN! My sister was visiting from California with her daughters, so I opted for a lot of quality time with some cute snuggle bunnies this week! I find that I have great workout intentions when I travel, but then I lose my gusto in the midst of being tired from traveling and spending time doing fun things. Kim has been traveling a lot for work, and I love how she continually fits in her workouts on the road! Here are how things went during week 15.

Henry actually interacted with his cousins this trip, as opposed to his 4 week old sleepy self last time they were together!

Weekly Workouts: 15 Weeks Postpartum

  • Sunday: 3 mile run. I hit my favorite trail in CT and it was HOT and HUMID! Probably my warmest postpartum run...in September?! Weather can be SO strange.

CT is very pretty.

  • Monday: Rest day. I did tons of laundry. Yes, I bring my laundry to my parent's house #NYCLife
  • Tuesday: Fitzala Workout! Lots of burpees, push ups, and squat jumps involved. I had a little assistance from a bored little girl. She counted how many reps I did for each set. We did a couple of dance breaks. FYI, squat jumps are still my most loathed exercise.
Someone else was roaming the backyard but OBVIOUSLY came around when it was time for push ups!

  • Wednesday: Rest and packing. Seriously. Packing for two people is taxing, but packing for a BABY is insane! Books, shampoo, laundry, diapers, they come with so much stuff! I was exhausted after a tough night of (limited) sleep and decided to relax and enjoy my family.
  • Thursday: Fitzala workout. I drove from CT with Henry sleeping in the back the whole time. It was so peaceful: just me, my ice coffee and Mumford and Sons Pandora (Which I have thumbs up'd and thumbs down'd to perfection). Someone got some intense mommy workout entertainment after we got home!
  • Friday: Walked about a mile around around the neighborhood. Henry had a doctor's appointment, which seems to tire me out and monopolize our day. Since he got some shots I opted to stay home and cuddle him a little more than usual.
  • Saturday: Fitzala workout. I finished 5/6 of the workout, and suddenly someone was ready to eat! Feels like the eternal story of my life! This is why I workout while he's awake!

Summary: I think I found a healthy balance. Henry is still struggling with consistent sleep, therefore mommy is struggling with consistent sleep. It's going to be such a game changer when he finally evens out just a bit more. I'm very happy that I fit in four workouts this week, can't wait to keep it up this week!

How about you? Do you make it a priority to workout while traveling? Do you opt to spend time with family over getting some miles in? How does it feel to get 8 hours of sleep? I forget. TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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