Monday, September 22, 2014

Postpartum Workouts: 14 Weeks

This week things finally felt like they "clicked". I feel like I have been up and down with working out, suddenly being busy, and lacking consistency. This week I saw progress in my endurance, which was very encouraging!!! Here is what happened this week:

Weekly Workouts: 14 Weeks Postpartum
  • Sunday: Rest. It was football Sunday, we had company over for the 1:00 and 4:00 games, so I decided to spend time with friends instead of escaping for some sweat.
Worth the rest to snuggle with this guy!!!
  • Monday: Fitzala workout! It was a new week, and the workout was AMAZING. It involved a lot of kettle bell moves, which I enjoyed the the challenge of. I also, for the first time in FOREVER, did REGULAR push ups! I did 30 (Three sets of ten) and felt so happy to see this progress. I tried working out while Henry was awake, because inevitably he would wake up "early" from his nap while I was in the middle of a workout. Needless to say, Henry will be able count up to 30 very soon. To top off a great day, I did a one mile run with Mr. Miller at the park after work.
My constant companions...little baby, puppy dog, and workout equipment!
  • Tuesday: Fitzala workout! I decided I liked it so much I would do it again.
  • Wednesday: 2 Mile run! I let Lambeau have a little extra off the leash time at the park before beginning our run, so I had to cut it short when a certain cutie woke up hungry.
He literally woke up as I was taking this photo. 
  • Thursday: I walked all over Manhattan! We were helping a friend out, so we got some great baby wearing miles (Probably 2) in. I also got another Fitzala workout in during the afternoon.
Subway baby = sleepy baby.

  • Friday: Rest day. I wanted to do yoga, but I found out that I have to eliminate soy for Henry, so I was overwhelmed and googling EVERYTHING. 
  • Saturday: I was hoping for a "long run" since we were in CT, but it didn't happen. We decided to drive in the night before instead of Saturday morning, so my hopes were heightened. Alas, little baby boy didn't have his best night of sleep.Considered running a bit later, but my niece did my hair for the 5pm wedding we were attending, so I was confined to having pretty hair for the day ;-) We DID, however, get some good cardio in on the dance floor!
My sister, niece and I tore up that dance floor. To quote my adorable niece when taking a break from dancing, "But I don't want to stop!" My either girl, me either.

Summary: I felt more consistent this week. Doing regular push ups, as small as that may seem, was a huge boost of confidence . I'm looking forward to some CT running this week since the low is in the 40's! I.LOVE.COLD.RUNNING.

How was your week? Did you attend a wedding like everyone I know? Are you in taper town/Peak training? Did you race this weekend? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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