Wednesday, March 23, 2011

22.5 miles to go to beat March Goal

On my way to my goal, Lambeau made a friend with French Bulldog Ca$h, the new BFF of my little Yorkie...he's a late night guy, I had to force him to call it a playdate-night at 9:45...mommy's got to get her rest!
This morning (at 5am...yes, I have to do it this way because I know that my pm workouts just aren't, well, working out...) I went to the gym in shorts and a sweatshirt, as I have for the past two weeks. OOPS. It was snowing. Say Whaaaaaat?! Yup. Snowing. I was soaked after two blocks. Fooey.Blisters. I have suffered with them, got socks to help, and now they're not helping again. Looks like I have to roll out the big bucks to get some fancy "moisture wicking" socks, because I'm bound to wrapping them. The 3 mile run was painful this morning; however, the bagel I ate as a "recovery meal" was delicious (I was out of eggs, don't judge...).

On a more serious note...I don't know how many of you TRULY read this, but I'm running a half marathon in, oh, 10 days. I've decided to do this for a cause. I have been inspired to raise money to build a deep water well in a village in Africa with NO CLEAN DRINKING WATER. I drink, on average, over 100 oz of water a day. I'm so thankful for this God given gift, and I need support in order to give it to others. If you would like to support me financially, please donate by following the link below:

I'm $125 away from reaching my goal. Thank you for any support!!!

13.1, I'm gunnin' for ya...

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