Monday, March 7, 2011

They keep comin from wall to wall

New favorite pandora station: Chris Brown. Don't hate. It's a lot of good music! Gets me cleaning at home!!!

Last week was alright. I won the battle of the monthly exhaustion, but monthly exhaustion won the war :-( I only worked out one day during my tired streak, and it was an ugly treadmill workout nonetheless. But today, I conquered another Monday long run... Monday the new Saturday? Maybe.

I ran home from work. Yes. I live about 3.5 miles from home, so I gave my car pool partner /work wife my things and skeedaddled my way home. The above picture was sent to my husband by said work wife stating, "Your wife is a dork, she's running home". Mind you, work wife's dad is a multi-marathon runner. I need to meet him STAT.

Thus, without further ado, a mediocre week in review:

Week of February 27-March 5

Sunday: No running, long walk and family day
Monday: 8 miles (Long run)
Tuesday: 5am workout: 15 minutes elliptical at 3-4, weights
Wednesday: I feel like I ran Wednesday but I didn't log it. SHOOT.
Thursday: 3 miles (HUGE exhaustion struggle)
Friday: Was supposed to run at work, my schedule changed so no prep+lunch block periods, aka not enough to run and cool down/stop sweating
Saturday: No running. Saturday school, nap, house party in Manhattan.

Total Miles run: 11 Miles

SHEESH! I have excuses!!! I'm already on my way this week with an 8.25 mile run today. My goal this week, even if it's 2 miles (EEK I have a 3 mile minimum!) Is to run/elliptical everyday. Today I felt AMAZING. 9:51/mile average, which is great for me because I get stopped at crosswalks, awkward angle sidewalk walkers etc, meaning I have an obstacle course to run over!!! I was really proud of my time. Focus on the positives.

3 weeks and 5 days until my half marathon. YEA!
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