Thursday, March 3, 2011

February in Review

Loving my iPhone and the photo adjusting it allows me to do with minimal effort. This, my friends, is my gym view at 5am, Planet Fitness style. Staring at a nasty KFC really makes weight training so much more effective ;-) Trying to do a 5am workout AT LEAST twice a week. This week I was hit by the exhaust-o-monster, but I'm fighting it...unlike last month. This month, I will conquer my annual FATIGUE! One 5am workout this week down, one more to go...last day tomorrow ;-)

Dear February,

You kicked my butt, you short month you. Are you really that short? That's what they say. However, despite the Ground Hog day predictions, you made me desire hibernation more than any other month yet. Sneaky. Devious. Cold. Warm. Cold. I can't keep up with you. You're like Charlie Sheen on a minute by minute basis. Alas, you beat me and I did not achieve my goal. There's always March, my trust Irish celebrating friend.


Goal: 70 Miles
Actually ran: 57.8 miles

March Goal: 70 miles. I will beat you. And even exceed you.
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