Monday, March 21, 2011

Mega Moon Weekend

Went on a boat cruise with 8 awesome friends this weekend...if only the mega moon could have provided another 70+ degree day....alas we were on the water at a balmy 40 degrees!

Babay....babay...ohhhhhhh...Lambeau Bieber. Needs a cut. Uncle Shaun, HELP!

This past week turned out to be ok for training. I started out strong, mid week was AWFUL, and I ended with positive mileage. Parent Teacher conferences on Tuesday really wrecked my workout flow, so I needed a day or two to recover! (I worked 8:10am-12pm teaching, 1-3pm interpreting in Spanish, lunch 3-5pm, 5-7:30pm yet again interpreting in Spanish. It. Was. Exhausting. Now I know how my students feel when they're learning English.) Oh, and my bold prediction about a 5am workout and possible two a day on 3/ did I forget that it was SAINT PATRICK'S DAY! Yea right. I had things to do. Like make a Guinness Roast and drink a McSorley's ale! ;-)

Week of March 13-19:
Sunday: Rest Day.
Monday: 9 miles (LONG RUN DOMINANCE!)
Tuesday: 15 minutes elliptical, weight training (5am)
Wednesday: Rest Day. No running.
Thursday: St. Patty's day. No running.
Friday: 4.12 miles (Running home from work)
Saturday: 3.11 miles (6am)

Total Miles: 16.2
Total Miles for the Month of March: 34.5 miles
Goal for the Month of March: 70 miles (HALFWAY THERE!)

Funny stories of the week:

- I almost died on Friday; literally, died. running in direct sunlight at a temp of 75 degrees was. not. ok. I got dehydrated at about mile 2, despite drinking lots of water all day AND on the run (I'm a fueling NUT). Thankfully I survived, and we're talking over 10 minute miles. Gross.

-On Saturday, I almost didn't run. I got myself out of bed at 6am, which was a pretty big deal (I work Saturday mornings 9am-12pm, so my mind knows what's coming and wants to sleep every last minute it can...). So when I got to the gym around 6:20am, the doors were locked, and the girl shook her head symbolizing "Not open" and mouthing "7"...say whaaaaaat? I'm such a nonearlymorningsaturdayrunner that I didn't even know my gym's hours...btw my gym is 24/7 usually. Apparently the weekend is different so it's 24/5. So I had a decision to make: ditch the iPhone, get the Garmin, and head back out....or crawl back into bed and have nice Saturday morning snuggles for an hour. Running won. Got the Garmin, ditched the iPhone (It was still dark, no running with music in the dark thanks!) and off I ran a decent, easy, satisfying, 3 miles.

I kind of liked it...Uh oh...Saturday morning snuggles, you may be dying a slow death...
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