Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Odes to my new gym hero

Like Lambeau, I am always watching.

Story behind the above photo: I wrapped him in the blanket because he was being a naughty boy. Left him and did some cleaning. Then we couldn't find him. Guess what? Still in the blanket, but he had ducked his head under as well. *I* moved it to take the photo. Crazy puppy.

I have a new gym hero. This letter is a must read, because he's pretty darn impressive.

Dear Gym Hero,

I've noticed you for a few weeks. You run like a GAZELLE. At the same time, you look effortless...but I know you're fast. Really fast. You always show up in a new (I'm assuming completed) marathon tshirt. Boston. New York. Chicago. Good job using race t's. I finally did some spying on you. I was SHOCKED. REALLY?! Really. When I stepped on the treadmill to do my tempo run (7.0 and beyond, I'm a slow 5'2" gal after all...), I finally got to observe your workout in front of me:

5:15am: You have already been running for 30 minutes. You're running at a 10.5. Really?! Really.
5:25am: Running at an 11.5. Really?! Really.
5:35am: Running at a *12.5* (Is this humanly possible?!) Really?! Really.

So, in reality, you could run a 2:20/2:30 marathon if you're trained. WOW. I can't hold a candle, let alone a lighter, to your mad skills.

Tempo Run Stalker Chugging Water at 5:15am
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