Sunday, February 26, 2012


Aaaaand, I'm back. Yes, it's true all my adoring fans. After a long five day hiatus from blog world, twitter world, Facebook world, and Gmail world, my long awaited return has commenced. The trip was amazing. Low 80's every day, sun, wind to cool you down, infinity pools, paddle boarding, boat trips, personal servers at the pool, room service, restaurants...worth it. The first few mornings were filled with this:
The glorious sun rise was followed with a morning workout for the first two days. The gym was so nice. Did a bit of running, yoga, even some barre moves! However, the last three days I began to falter. The sun was getting to me more and more, and we were staying up later and later. Although, I DO count dancing on Friday night for over two hours as some FABULOUS cardio work!!!

We ate lots of yummy food. Did I ever think I would be sick of Mexican? No. Am I? Maybe. Give it two days. Jury is still out. Some favorite nibbles included Greek salad poolside, nutella waffles for breakfast, and vegetable risotto for dinner. Mr. Miller is so cute by the way. Love this picture.

I got to hang out with some pretty fabulous friends. We like to swing on the beach. It's fun. Especially with our friends in the background. Favorite drinks included mimosas, mai tai's, and of course, Coronas.
Polka dot bikini wasn't pictured! However, this h&m number got a lot of wear. I wore the polka dot one to an island we visited (Isla de Mujeres), but we didn't really swim...I'll see if it made it's way into some shots! And by shots I mean pictures...
One countdown complete, one countdown to be completed. It has been 5 days since the start of our vacation. WAH. I'm so thankful to have had such a nice time. I'm so thankful that Mr. Miller and I were able to have fun in the sun in the middle of winter. I'm also thankful that we got to share it with some great friends. So, bye bye Cancun and Winter Polka Dot Bikini countdown...

Hello, 13.1NYC countdown! This lone star is going to take up the next four weeks.
There will be lots of excitingly wonderful posts on the blog this week including...
- More Cancun Photos (I know you want it)
- Glad Game Monday
- Two a day Tuesday
- EXCITING 13.1 News
- The return of morning workouts

Get your pumped up kicks ready kids.

27 days until the 13.1NYC half marathon! (Apparently my previous countdown was WAY off!)
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