Monday, April 30, 2012

Glad Game Monday XI

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth, I promise!!! Hello readers! All two of you! ;-) Life has been very busy lately, so I apologize for my absence! Nah, I really don't apologize. Sometimes real life means giving up some things you like to do, even if it's just for a little while. Hey, wait, it's Monday again! Time to be glad, the funny edition!

I'm glad to be blogging! I've missed it. It's a creative outlet for sure.

I'm glad I have funny (AND lovely) coworkers! This is Mrs. L, and she is a trip. She had her personal blood pressure checker thingamajig, so I said, "Make sure I'm fit for testing!" We had to do it twice. It was a bit high. Because we were laughing. A lot. Note: This is TOTALLY on a lunch break. No children were ignored during blood pressure checking!

I'm glad we do cool stuff in NYC! We went to the comedy awards on Saturday night (To air next week I believe), and had a fun night. It was "black tie/formal dress code", to sit in the balcony NO WHERE NEAR cameras. Hilarious. Yet fun.
 I'm glad we visited a new venue! Despite living in the BEST CITY IN THE WORLD, we tend to go to the same places over and over. Branching out is the best here. You're (usually) pleasantly surprised!
 I'm glad I have funny friends. Mr. Miller's birthday was last weekend, and a great girls photo was ruined by some funny guys. The act all oblivious....they knew what they were doing!
 I'm glad Mr. Miller chose a funny cake! FUDGIE THE WHALE! Seriously, best cake ever. Everyone who had it LOVED it. So good. Mmmm.

I'm glad for a return run today! ALLERGIES, BE GONE! It's been a tough hiatus from running, er uh 12 days to be precise, and I was getting restless and annoyed. Today I woke up, barely coughing, barely sneezing, and barely using tissues, so I decided enough was enough. I had the best time. The weather was perfect, the park has filled in tremendously with leaves on trees (ie allergies...I'll take the good with the bad...) and EVERYONE was out! It was a musicless run and I liked it. I also had an okay pace!

WHAT ARE YOU GLAD ABOUT?! Did you get any good sales this weekend? Sign up for a dream race? Successfully cook a new recipe? Run a PR? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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