Monday, November 12, 2012

Glad Game Monday XXIII

IT'S MARATHON WEEK....AGAIN! The Philly Marathon is this coming Sunday...EEK! Thankfully I get today off, but this is also the week of parent teacher conferences, also known as working from 8am-7:30pm. Now, I know that is normal for some, but this is just a crazy day, with thousands of parents and children, talking constantly, very limited downtime. So, let's choose to look beyond the crazy and be GLAD about some great things!!!

I'm glad that it was Veteran's Day. I'm proud to be an American, and I'm proud of all our service men and woman who have served and who are currently serving. Thank you for your commitment and sacrifice.

My Grandfather James McAuliffe, Purple Heart recipient, letter signed by Harry Truman

I'm glad that my 80's birthday bash was a success! Seriously. So much fun! Mr. Miller decorated, set up the music, everything. He's so good. The restaurant was fantastic, the guests were hilarious, and that Rubics Cube was made by the Farrah Fawcett look alike...and Punky Brewster. Oh, where's Punky?!

I'm glad that my friend dressed up as Punky Brewster! There was so much attention to detail it was insane. He drew the sunshines on the hair ties, his dog had a dog tag for Brendan the dog...epic. And I don't use the word epic. All night we heard, "Holy macaroni!" The. Best. Those two know how to dress up AND create amazing Rubics Cubes. Thanks Anders!

I'm glad I got to dance. Yup. I'm surprised they even caught us on camera we had so many moves.

I'm glad for this group of wonderful people. Truly wonderful friends are hard to come by, and I have six of the best of them. The Cancun Crew rallied with me during my Marathon sadness, volunteered with us, and celebrated with me for my birthday (The Slafters, on the far right, were in Turkey. I guess we'll have to do another 80's night!!!)

I'm glad for running friends. Ashley and I plan to run the Philly Marathon together, and she has arranged so many aspects of it. I'm so blessed to be going along side her! 4:45 or bust!!! I'm also glad that so many running friends crossed the finish line in Richmond this weekend! A special congrats goes out to Leticia for DOMINATING her first marathon! WOOHOO!

I'm glad that I got to run 10 miles in Connecticut. We're visiting for the weekend, and it's been a beautiful time. I ran 10 GLORIOUS miles, smiled like a goof the entire time, said hello to fellow runners AND walkers (Because that's how we #CTforlifers do!), and got to pet golden retrievers and a great dane. Oh, did I mention my average was 40 seconds faster than marathon goal pace? Love the Super Taper. Love. It.

How about you? Are you glad that it's almost Thanksgiving? Are you glad that the Starbucks holiday drinks/cups are back!? Are you glad to be running a turkey trot or other race?! TELL ME ABOUT IT!

6 Days until the Philly Marathon!!!
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