Saturday, November 24, 2012

Manchester Road Race Recap!

Miracles still happen! As of Monday, I was WAY more sore than I was the day after NYCM 2011. As of Tuesday, I was cringing and inwardly crying as I walked up and down stairs with students in tow...I believe I had to tell them more than once to not run me over! (Apparently, I ordinarily walk briskly up and down the stairs...). Wednesday, I woke up like a new person. WHAAAT? My legs weren't burning like hot coals, I was waking without my legs locking every five seconds, and I didn't get anxiety looking at stairs. Race day was ON!

Thanksgiving morning I was picked up by my marathon bib-sake, Melissa Mishriky. Yup. You all finally have a face with my marathon tracking name! My friend forever picked me up for our turkey trot. I, of course, thanked her profusely as we went over the highs and lows of the Philly marathon. We decided to take a picture. With a vacuum. Nothing says Thanksgiving like a vacuum. OUTDOORS!

I NEVER would have thought that I would run a "race" four days after a marathon. I told Mr. Miller that I had ZERO expectations for time. We decided to stay with Missy and our friend Brooke. With 15,000 runners, and no "seeded" position (NEXT YEAR I'll get a time specific corral! Only way to run fast!), we were forced to go SUPER slow. Like 12:00/mile slow. Like, we were running, then had to slow to a walk because EVERYONE was walking. The overcrowding iwas crazy. I had to remind my crazy, post marathon competitive self "This is for fun. This is a race to ENJOY the run, to enjoy your town, to enjoy your friends."

I ran HAPPY. 

I literally smiled the WHOLE time. Even though I lost Mr. Miller who eventually found me, and then I lost Missy and Brooke (The crowds were crazy!), I ran HAPPILY the entire time. Not one pain. No tired feelings. No "16 more miles..." I ran like the wind. I negative split that thing and had a blast doing it. Our time ended up being 50:xx (too lazy to get my watch). This was a minute slower than my two best times, but considering the pesky 26.2 I ran on Sunday, I let it slide. I wore my NYCM orange shirt with pride.

Well, there you have it: My 8th Manchester Road Race is in the books. 

Did you run this weekend? Are you a regular at the turkey trot? Do you shun exercise on this holiday? Do you do your own thing? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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