Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Endurance Athlete Widow's Gift Guide

Welcome, athletes! There have many so many awesome gift guides on the blogroll lately, I especially liked Ashley's  savings savvy options! Today I wanted to think about my better half: My Endurance Athlete Widow.

Endurances Athlete Widow: (EAW) The significant other that has to listen to you obsess over your sport, suffers under your spending habits on everything sports related, and cheers/supports you day in and day out. They are often left alone because of your running, cycling, swimming, etc.

MY Endurance Athlete Widow deserves the world. Mr. Miller has always supported me, gone the "extra mile" for me, and made sure I fulfilled my goals. When think of what to get him for Christmas, I contemplated the gift guides I saw on other runner's sites...and decided to tweak them a bit. Enjoy!

Running Music: Let them be the dj! Get your EAW iTunes gift card let them choose the music THEY want to listen to. We'd love yurbuds but why not a cool dock or speakers for tailgating?

Running Clothes: Nothing with moisture wicking! Get them something to wear on a nice date night that won't compliment cowbells or holding a sign.

Long run Time: Make plans to do something THEY are interested in. One idea could be a coupon book with vouchers for activities they enjoy. Ballet, sporting event etc. Share their hobby as they have shared yours!

I froze my feet off, we lost, but it was time well spent!

Running Bling: watches necklaces and bracelets, oh my! We all want an Erica Sara necklace, but what about our widow? Maybe a nice watch....not the GPS kind. Maybe cuff links...not with a 26.2 on it. 

Running Magazine subscription. You know how it goes: this months runners world arrives and it's radio silence during the first flip through. Why not get them a magazine and have a magazine night? Flip on the new speakers, cash in a quality time coupon and relax!

Running Winter gear: You know we all start searching our "organized storage" to find our winter running gear after a super cold run where we wished we had that hat or pair of gloves. Why not make sure your love is kept warm as well? Try gloves that have the touch screen capabilities, or ear warmers that won't ruin hair and has headphones hooked up! 

Running fuel: Get them some of their favorite snacks! Just like we eat our favorite meal post long run, send out our honey to pick up the best gel that we HAVE to have, or grab our extra water bottle from them during a race, we should fuel them too. Consider a childhood treat or a signature adult beverage. 

Running data: Want to get extra crafty? Hop onto Pinterest and get some cute ideas to display some high points this year together or during your relationship. You could create a spreadsheet, highlight a framed map with places traveled to, or list "top ten 2012 moments together".

How about you? What's your go to EAW gift? Do you find it hard to pick gifts for someone you know the best? Do you have any gift giving traditions? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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