Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Philadelphia Marathon...the Preview

No cheesesteaks to eat here, folks. We were ALL business going to Philly. It's been three days since my second marathon. Let's dive right in to the beginning of a great weekend of marathoning, shall we?

We left for Philly from NYC on Saturday morning. I picked up Nadia, Beth, then Ashley and her hubby. Of course there was coffee, chatting, conference calls, and one stop to retrieve cookies...AND to stretch...

 "Scenic" Princeton stolen from Ashley!!!

In height order...displaced NYC Marathon Orphans!

Once we got to Philly, we entered Casa De Garcia. THE. BEST. BED AND BREAKFAST. IN. PHILLY! Okay, so it's not a real B&B, but Ashley's friend GRACIOUSLY agreed to host FOUR crazy runner girls in his apartment. We got the lay of the land, and started operation packet pick up and couch surf ASAP.

I know I know....It's not my name. Don't judge. FREE entry from my BFF.

The city was alive with marathon fever! We enjoyed the mile "out and back" to the expo, then plopped ourselves in various places in case de Garcia for some serious sandwiches and R&R. This included nail painting, foam rolling lessons, trying on throw away clothes, a thwarted Magic Mike viewing (Under no circumstances would I EVER watch it or recommend it...), and a pleasant continual streaming of "Friends" episodes.

Release the back!
Two runners, one pair of throwaway pants. Perfect. 

I was stressing. Not going to lie, marathon number two was getting to me. THANKFULLY all the members of our crew allowed me to cook, my constant stress reliever. I made sauteed chicken with pasta, sauce, and delicious "unadulterated" white bread!

Since Nadia was last in, she brought an air mattress. I knew Nadia had back problems, I knew things weren't right when she INSTANTLY questioned her sleeping arrangement. Since it was my friend's first marathon, I agreed to swap places; my spot in the bed for her air mattress. God grant me sleep. I eventually had my prayer answered.

It was hours until *OUR* marathon. 

*OUR* replacement marathon.

*MY* second marathon.

To be continued...
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