Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012 Stats

It was quite the holiday! Here are the stats:

120 miles driven to #CTforlife:

Viewed 1 Connecticut Whale game with my sister's family:

Got 2 free blowpops at the hockey game.

Viewed 1 Packers game at Buffalo Wild Wings. Made 6 new Packers friends!

1 visit to Grammy's house...she seems to have learned the side arm pose...

1 blue box with an anniversary gift inside...1 girl crying/squealing with delight...

1 visit to the site of our wedding, 4 years later

2 shots of espresso with 1 scallion cheddar biscuit at 1 coffee shop.

1 batch of macaroni and cheese cups, by far the best appetizer I've ever made! (If you make them add garlic salt, crushed red pepper and black pepper for some extra pizzazz and flavor!)

21 people organized into 1 family photo. This took a lot of work.

1 Christmas sweatered dog overwhelmed by said 21 guests.

1 skype session with my sister and E baby in California.

1 more Skype session when husband and E baby2 woke up.

1 Christmas fire in the fire pit. 1 Christmas sweater appearance.

 1 Christmas miracle: a good picture of my dad holding Lambeau Puppy!

1 inch of snow Christmas morning, making it necessary to rebuild a Christmas fire!

1 #CTforlife dog moment: petting this sweet girl was lovely! (Everyone has a golden or a lab in CT!)

 1 Christmas drive to pick up wood for a better fire. 

9.1 miles run.

And a partridge in a pear tree...

How was your holiday?! Was it super busy? Was it super quiet? Are you faithfully logging miles or taking a rest? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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