Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Running in Review

I'm joining the bandwagon. I feel like when I was 12 and I'd get those survey emails, and discover something scandalous about a friend! Gasp! Well, nothing scandalous here. Here it goes...

1. Best race experience: 13.1 NYC. I know I know, many people expected it to be the Philly Marathon, which was incredible, but I think helping my friend was truly an amazing experience. It was so gratifying to see my little protege train, run, and finish her first half marathon. I was so glad to be there for her. She's great.

Best run: 20 mile group run! It was so perfect. We had several people all running the same pace. We were simulating the NYC Marathon course, excited to be marathoning in a few weeks (Or so we thought). I felt strong the whole time, negative splits, and had a great pace to meet my sub 5 goal. PLUS, it was perfectly COLD!

Best new piece of gear: my gap tanks! I L-O-V-E them! They are super soft, comfortable, moisture wicking, loose enough and tight enough all at the same time! Plus the colors are really cute...don't hate...I'm a girl...and isn't Mr. Miller cute doing push-ups?! ;-D
4. Best Piece of running advice: Run to finish. -Mr. Miller. He told me this when I realized my sub 5 was out of reach. He gave me the push to keep going. He's the best.

5. Most Inspirational runners:
 - Nadia: HELLO sub 4 in her first marathon!

Ashley: she's pushed me, encouraged me, and kept me going in the Philly marathon whether she was running with me or not.

Leticia: She powered through her first marathon taking no prisoners!

Stephanie: She scored a 22 minute PR and had the courage to go through another 5 weeks of training after the NYC marathon was canceled! She's also my neighbor, which makes me happy.
I miss being tan. Naturally, of course.

6. If you could sum up your year in running in a few words, what would they be? Hard Work. Dedication. Powered Through.

7. Most Exciting running moment of the year: PHILLY MARATHON! (See, it made an appearance). Running that race with fellow NYC Marathon orphans truly made it inspirational. Philedelphia Marathon officials and marathoners were SO welcoming, we had the BEST cheer crew, everything worked out. The theme "Redefine Possible" really rang true. Still coming to terms with the fact that a 2 minute PR is a 2 minute *PR*.

How about you? What was your best race? Best run? Favorite inspirational runners? Tell me about it!

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